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Lube Tech Duties and Responsibilities

Daily duties performed by lube techs vary greatly depending on the types of vehicles they service and the number of customers. The essential job tasks performed by lube techs, however, are universally the same in all auto shops.

Lubricate Vehicles Lube techs lubricate all moving engine parts of vehicles by rubbing specific lubricants onto these engine parts.

Clean Engines Lube techs clean engine parts to remove grime and buildup, and apply lubricant to these parts to restore them back to good working order.

Inspect Vehicles Lube techs perform vehicle inspections that include examining and testing multiple points of interest on the vehicle, and checking thoroughly for oil leaks. This includes checking all fluid levels in the vehicle, including windshield washing liquid.

Inspect Tires Lube techs check vehicle tires and test the air pressure.

Change Oil Lube techs drain existing oil from vehicles and replace it with new oil, ensuring that the proper type of oil is used.

Replace Filters Lube techs replace filters in the engine, including air filters and oil filters.

Check Electrical Components Lube techs check electrical components on vehicles, such as testing the horn and the lights.

Make Recommendations Lube techs make recommendations for further service on vehicles based on inspections.

Follow Safety Procedures Lube techs follow all company and common-sense safety practices, such as turning engines on only when in a well-ventilated area and ensuring that vehicles are in the right gear before the ignition is turned.

Maintain Cleanliness Lube techs keep their work areas and customer vehicles clean at all times, and clean up after themselves as they perform their various job tasks.


Lube Tech Skills and Qualifications

Lube techs are professionals who work with their hands and perform many physical tasks to check, clean, and add fluids to vehicle engines of all types. Employers hire lube techs who have the skills necessary to perform all the different tasks associated with this job.
  • Communication - lube techs work in a collaborative environment, which requires strong verbal communication skills
  • Time-management - lube techs use time-management skills to perform many tasks within a tight deadline and maintain maintenance schedules for all vehicles
  • Customer service - lube techs perform a service-based job that often involves customer interaction, so employers look for individuals with strong customer service skills to fill this role
  • Computer skills - lube techs log information into digital systems and follow digital checklists for vehicle inspections, which requires basic computer knowledge
  • Driving - lube techs must know how to operate and drive multiple types of vehicles, including manual transmissions
  • Physical ability - lube techs lift heavy objects, bend, crouch, and crawl to perform their job duties, all which require physical ability

Lube Tech Education and Training

Employers who hire lube techs prefer candidates who have a high school diploma or GED, but all applicants who are at least 18 years of age or older are acceptable to most employers. Because lube techs must operate and drive multiple types of vehicles, a valid driver's license is required. Lube techs must also be able to pass a background check that typically includes a drug screening. Paid training is provided by a majority of employers to lube techs, as this is an entry-level position in many companies. The training period varies by employer, and may last for several weeks as lube techs learn how to perform their basic job tasks. While in training, lube techs work closely with a supervisor or senior lube tech.

Lube Tech Salary and Outlook

Information from the Bureau of Labor Services shows that automotive service technicians and mechanics earned $39,550 median annual income, or $19.02 hourly, in 2017. Their records show that there were more than 700,000 jobs for these professionals in 2016, a number that is projected to grow by six percent through 2026. This is as fast as the national job growth average in the US. Automotive service technicians and mechanics inspect, maintain, and repair vehicles. Lube techs are a specialized type of automotive service technician who do not make diagnoses or repairs of engines. PayScale data shows that lube techs earn a median hourly salary of $10.27. Many employers provide lube techs with a work uniform upon being hired. Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage is usually provided to full-time lube techs by employers as well. After working for the same employer for several months to one year, lube techs commonly accrue paid vacation days. Some employers provide lube techs with year-end bonuses in addition to base salary as an additional perk of employment. Part-time lube techs do not usually receive benefits.

Helpful Resources

Explore these books and websites to browse job listings, read news updates, and discover tips and techniques for all lube techs:

Lube Tech - this website for lube techs provides job listings, information about automotive technology, learning resources, and product links.

Automotive Lubricants Reference Book - this reference book for lube techs provides in-depth information about automotive fluids of all types, with a particular focus on vehicle lubricants. The text covers the fundamentals of vehicle lubrication, testing procedures, and using automotive lubricants.

Auto Care Association - explore news updates, job opportunities, and vehicle resources at this website designed for all auto techs.

Auto Upkeep: Basic Car Care, Maintenance, and Repair - learn more about the basics of car maintenance, repair, and upkeep with this book that provides text and full-color illustrations.

Automotive Maintenance Repair Association - search education programs, upcoming events, news updates, and information for all automotive repair technicians at this website.

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual - this car care manual provides tips and techniques for performing all kinds of maintenance tasks on vehicles, including fluid replacement.

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