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Cell Site Technicians are responsible for maintaining, repairing, and installing components of cellular networks. These professionals complete the following duties: climbing ladders to reach required heights, solving outages, replacing parts, monitoring tower integrity and structure, observing potential issues, and preventing other problems through effective repair. Those interested in a Cell Site Technician career should be able to demonstrate these skills in their resumes: technical and troubleshooting skills, being able to work at heights, attention to safety, being available for work at odd hours, and the ability to read blueprints. Most resume samples in the field make display of telecommunications training.

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Cell Site Technician

Installation, optimization, maintenance and upgrade of Cell Site Network Element equipment including: Lucent Modcell 4.0b/CDMA; Ericsson 6201 RBS/LTE. Ericsson mini-RE/EVDO. Lucent, Emerson & RBA battery cabinets.

  • Responsible for assigned Cell Sites Maintenance which includes; prompt response to site alarms and dispatch callouts; frequent preventative maintenance & system repairs needed to ensure customer satisfaction and Network reliability.
  • SIU router provisioning, troubleshoot and upgrade.
  • Antenna Line sweeps/PIM Testing.
  • T-1/Ethernet/Fiber Backhaul testing & acceptance. JDSU, Sunset & Anritsu Test Sets.
  • Operations Maintenance Platform; Remote Maintenance Terminal; OSS; DOEMS applications.
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Mechanical Drawing / Drafting
Electronics For Computer Technology

Network Operations-cell Site Technician

  • Professional Wireless Technician experienced with Nokia-Lucent and Ericsson installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and repair of sophisticated Wireless Network infrastructure.
  • Expert knowledge working with Nokia-Lucent, Ericsson 1XRTT, UMTS, 4.0 CDMA and EVDO, PCS, LTE AWS 9412, 9417, BBU, VoLTE and Small Cells, C-RAN, O/I-DAS, Wi-Fi and I-HUT deployments with the use of the Lucent 5620 SAM/NEM, RTT, DataPro, IB-Wave, RMT Software and Unix ProComm GUI and Cisco 5500 series Routers
  • Completed cell site routines, R.F. and antenna tower inspections, construction site management per the FCC/NESC and site surveys per Verizon, CTIA, and OSHA 10 Compliance also worked with state and local police on E911 system.
  • Served as a single Point of Contact to the MTSO, Construction Management and System Performance for all issues pertaining to commissioning and troubleshooting of all cell site equipment. Perform and configure port-based, protocol-based, and MAC-based VLANs. Expert knowledge of Unix/ Cisco Command line structure interface, switching and router configuration.
  • Provided troubleshooting and repair work for Andrew, Commscope, and Lucent Hmlac's, RET, RRH, and TMA's.
  • Responsible for Lucent 7705/7750 TiMO and YANG configuring port parameters, layer-2 forwarding, and port load sharing
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Cell Site Technician

Conduct site surveys for T-Mobile

  • Prep and install LTE racks for AT&T 4G network
  • Perform battery decommissions for AT&T cell sites
  • Perform battery change outs for AT&T cell sites
  • Install Andrews and Powerwave MCPA's for AT&T network
  • Install RRUW's for AT&T carrier adds & carrier add prep
  • Run power and grounding, and RF cables to respective equipment
  • Run CAT5, CAT6 for Cisco/LTE equipment
  • Install Raycap and DUL equipment for LTE
  • Install UMTS 3206 (1900, 850) Cabinets with FU/RU Radios
  • LLC installation for split sector installs
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Information Management Technology

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