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Uber Driver Resume FAQ

How do you put Uber driver on your resume?

Following most standard chronological or functional resume formats, you can add taxi or Uber driver experience.

  1. Include all relevant ride-sharing experience with existing or defunct companies.
  2. Add driver ratings, especially high scores or positive rider reviews.
  3. Focus on customer service or your average number of completed rides within a specific timeframe.

Should I put Uber driver on my resume?

Yes! You should put your experience as a ride-share or Uber driver on your resume if you apply for a relevant job. For example, suppose you’re interested in long-haul trucking and you’re in the process of getting a commercial driving license (CDL). In that case, you can share your Uber driving experience and focus on your proven safety record and understanding of cross-state driving regulations.

What do I put on my resume for an Uber Eats driver?

Depending on what job you’re leaving, you can place the following transferable skills into an online application for an open UberEats application.

  • Strong customer service skills
  • Timely delivery
  • Glowing feedback or high star ratings
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Flexible schedule
  • Regular vehicle maintenance

How would you describe an Uber driver?

An Uber driver is a private contractor offering transportation services to customers through a mobile app. Your responsibilities as a rideshare driver may include the following tasks:

  • Picking up riders.
  • Safely following traffic rules.
  • Paying attention to detail and traffic.
  • Maintaining privately owned or loaned vehicles.
  • Incorporating a rider’s preferred route while maintaining a safe, speedy route.
  • Updating the ride’s music or ambiance according to the rider’s preferences.