Marine Job Description

The Marine Corps is a branch of the US military that performs combat and protects the country from foreign threats. Marines engage in a wide variety of activities, ranging from construction to the transportation of materials, and to become one individuals must successfully complete training. Marines work either as enlisted personnel or as officers, and most are employed full time. They often perform their work in foreign countries. There are many opportunities for career advancement.


Marine Duties and Responsibilities


Marine Mechanic
2014 - Present

Seaward Services, Inc.

Assisting in the replacement of defective engines and system parts.

Managing equipment inventory and maintenance supplies.

Providing distance support services through phone systems.

Generating repair reports and regular updates for reporting purposes.

The duties carried out by Marines depend on whether they are enlisted personnel or officers. Enlisted personnel are tasked with carrying out military operations, and officers are responsible for overseeing operations and enlisted personnel. Despite these differences, Marines may be asked to carry out the following duties at some point:

Direct Combat

Many Marines work and train in various combat units. Each unit carries out a different combat task, and individuals may operate ships, battle tanks, and other vehicles. They also engage in combat against enemy forces using mortars, guns, and missiles. Members of special forces are usually tasked with carrying out the most complex and difficult combat missions.

Transport and Handle Materials

Some Marines are responsible for loading and unloading military supplies and transporting supplies (such as fuel and water) to various locations. To transport materials, they may be asked to use vehicles, boats, or even aircraft.

Build and Maintain Structures

Structures such as airfields, bridges, and buildings are extremely important during military campaigns, and some Marines are responsible for constructing them and performing maintenance. Some may specialize in electrical wiring or plumbing, and most will operate heavy equipment such as cranes or bulldozers.

Manage Human Resources

Some Marines work in human resources and perform various administrative tasks. They are charged with recruiting personnel, providing information about job assignments, and placing recruits into appropriate occupations. Training specialists may teach enlisted personnel how to perform their jobs.


Many Marines work in engineering fields, and their primary goal is to solve operational problems, compile and interpret data, and operate technical equipment. The information they compile and interpret is usually used to plan military operations.


Marine Skills and Qualifications

Professional Skills

Extensive experience in managing marine electronics systems.

Operational knowledge of analyzing AC and DC electrical devices.

Sound knowledge of repairing gasoline engines.

Familiarity with the interpretation of blueprints and technical schematics.

Those interested in becoming a Marine should be mentally and physically fit and have a strong desire to serve their country. Depending on their role in the Marines, individuals may need to obtain certain certifications. To join the Marines, individuals must have US citizenship and a high school diploma or GED. Additionally, they must be able to obtain security clearance and should have no felony convictions. The military also seeks candidates with the following skills and traits:

  • Physical and mental fitness – prospective Marines must meet certain physical requirements and pass a test to prove they are healthy and capable of performing physical tasks. They must also be mentally stable and capable of withstanding the psychological stress that comes from combat and being in hostile territories. The Marines do not admit anyone over the age of 29 for active-duty service
  • Leadership skills – Marines are expected to perform their job under stressful and sometimes dangerous conditions. This means they should be capable of remaining calm and rational in most situations. Those who intend to become officers will need to be comfortable leading others and making hard decisions on their behalf
  • Ability to follow orders – Marines must be willing and capable of following orders issued by officers and superiors. If they become officers, they must feel comfortable giving orders to others


Tools of the Trade

Marines utilize the following tools and devices on a regular basis:

  • Combat vehicles (tanks, boats, amphibious vehicles)
  • Various firearms (guns, missiles, fire artillery)
  • Electronic systems (optical, communication, and weapons equipment)


Marine Education and Training

To become an enlisted Marine, an individual will need a high school diploma or GED. Officers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field of study. Before enlisting, all Marines must take the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which will determine which occupation they are placed in. They must also complete seven to 13 weeks of basic training, which will help them understand military protocol and life before they are assigned to a unit.


Marine Salary and Outlook

The military compensates Marines according to their rank and time in service. The military uses a distinct pay structure that considers the Marine’s occupation as well as the type of assignments they take (individuals who are assigned more dangerous tasks are paid more). This pay structure is used for all branches of the military, and members usually start receiving retirement pay after 20 years of service. Marines also receive free medical care, education, and a housing allowance.

Employment prospects for Marines tend to be relatively good, and the military increasingly needs new recruits to replace older, retired members. When the economy is healthy and wages are high, the military usually has more difficulty meeting recruitment goals. During recessions, prospective Marines may face additional competition.


Helpful Resources

Are you thinking about becoming a US Marine? The following resources may help you achieve your goal:

US Marine Corps – this is the official site of the US Marines and it provides visitors with in-depth information about the branch. Whether you’re interested in enlisting or you simply want to learn more about the Marines and their mission, you must visit this site for additional information

Becoming an Officer of Marines: The Definitive Guide to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School – if you’re interested in becoming an officer in the Marines, this book is definitely for you. Author Gabriel Coeli shows readers how to properly prepare for officer candidate school and what to expect upon arrival. It also provides readers with personal stories, tips, and advice

Making the Corps – the 10th anniversary edition of this book by Thomas E. Ricks provides readers with an inside glimpse into what it actually means to become a Marine. It’s a personal account that follows the lives of three Marines through basic training and their first year in the Corps


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