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Industrial Hygienists are in charge of identifying and minimizing health hazards at the workplace. Possible workplace hazards monitored by these professionals are chemical substances, radiation, heat, noise, bacteria, stress, violence, or inappropriate postures. In order to show they can meet health objectives, candidates to the job should demonstrate throughout their resumes skills like occupational hazard expertise, analytical thinking, attention to details, and good communication abilities. A degree in occupational health is common experience in Industrial Hygienist resume samples.

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Industrial Hygienist

Provide environmental health and safety support to employees within the medical center. The Medical Center has been at the forefront of medical care since 1927.

  • Conducted occupational health and safety training for new employees.
  • Assisted with preparing disaster drills and debriefings of disaster drills.
  • Developed and implemented a mercury waste reduction program.
  • Investigated and identified corrective actions for indoor air quality complaints.
  • Inspected clinical laboratories and collaborate with researchers to ensure compliance with the Medical Center EHS policies.
  • Advised employees on adjusting their work stations to meet sound ergonomic recommendations.
Candidate Info
Bachelor of Science

Industrial Hygienist II

Conducted comprehensive onsite health and safety audits focused on safe work practices and compliance with standards both in general industry and construction areas

  • Completed industrial health sampling including but not limited to noise, welding fumes, respirable dust, hexavalent chromium CR(VI), asbestos, and lead
  • Generated detailed reports to finalize inspections including abatement recommendations and proposed regulatory violations
  • Extensive knowledge of federal regulations including CFR 1910, 1926, and state statutes
  • Created and maintained documents and reports for use by other investigators including Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint documents
Candidate Info
Environmental Studies (bs)
Accident Investigation, Industrial

Industrial Hygienist

Served as field industrial hygienist and laboratory analyst supporting school based clientele in complying with EPA AHERA rules.

  • Conducted field investigations to identify and evaluate employee exposure to occupational safety and health hazards.
  • Analyzed bulk samples for the presence of asbestos using EPA 600-R-93-116.
  • Collected and analyzed air samples for asbestos fibers using NIOSH 7400 protocol.
Candidate Info
years in
at this job

Industrial Hygienist/ Environmental Consultant

Responsible for monitoring the removal of hazardous materials from buildings scheduled for future renovation or demolition.

  • Responsible for surveying facilities scheduled for future renovation or demolition for the presence of hazardous materials. Suspect materials were then sampled according to federal regulations and sent to a lab for testing.
  • Conducted 3-year inspections for public schools containing asbestos according to the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)
  • Wrote reports to clients detailing the results of their property's suspect material samples. Reports were also written after the abatement of hazardous materials from the building with final sample results.
  • Required to maintain my asbestos inspector license, OSHA 10 hour and am scheduled to be getting the 40 hour Hazwoper.
  • Learned how many hazardous materials should be properly handled, managed, removed, and transported.
Candidate Info
Bachelor of Science

Sr. Industrial Hygienist & Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

Managed over 25 contracts with client companies in various industries. Trained personnel at client companies to implement and oversee safety and health programs. Provided clients with guidance for health, safety, industrial hygiene and environmental issues.

  • Negotiated with federal, state and local regulatory agencies on behalf of clients.
  • Developed and implemented programs to monitor financial losses due to accidents and injuries.
  • Conducted third-party compliance audits and inspections to assure continuous improvement.
  • Wrote and updated Health and Safety Plans (HASP) for employers and contractors.
  • Assisted employers & workers in monitoring workers' compensation claims and actions.
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Industrial Education
Master of Arts

Industrial Hygienist I

Implemented an Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Asbestos management program within the mine (pits) and quarries

  • Initiated a Respiratory protection program and awareness within the mine and process areas
  • Implemented the corporate new confine space policy in all our confine spaces
  • Generated timely sampling reports and follow up on the recommendations
  • Developed and conducted ergonomics study within different areas of the plants
  • Safety training and morning tail gate meetings within different departments
  • Collaborated with the warehouse on the correct safety equipments and employee
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Industrial Hygiene

IWTU Project Industrial Hygienist

Own and oversee all aspects of the Industrial Hygiene program at the Integrated Waste Treatment Unit project.

  • Wrote and developed the health and safety plan for both the startup and process runs of the IWTU and oversaw its implementation.
  • Supported multiple start-up audits of the health and safety plan performed at both the corporate and DOE level which resulted in no Industrial Hygiene findings.
  • Created and implemented the project sampling plans and Exposure Assessments for the IWTU process including sampling plans for Mercury, volatile organic compounds, Alumina, Bauxite, Noise and Nitric Acid.
  • Responsible for work control document development and review.
  • Acted as Heat Stress Subject Matter Expert and assisted in multiple audits and control procedure updates.
Candidate Info
Public Health (b S)

Industrial Hygienist / Radiation Safety Officer

Managed West Campus radiation safety program - conducted trainings, laboratory inspections, and consultations for users of ionizing and nonionizing radiation; provided dosimetry and monitoring to radiation users.

  • Managed ionizing and non-ionizing radiation equipment on campus in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Performed indoor air quality sampling and analysis for waste gases in veterinary operating rooms and research laboratories.
  • Implemented hazardous materials inventory and chemical stock reductions to comply with state and local codes; provided hazardous materials and waste disposal and handling training for laboratory safety.
  • Conducted noise dosimetry and sound level monitoring for laboratory personnel, animal handlers, and maintenance crews.
  • Trained laboratory personnel and animal handlers in biological safety, and personal protective equipment; provided fit-testing for respiratory protection with respirators and powered air purifying respirators, as required.
  • Consulted with workers to correct ergonomic problems at workstations and lab spaces.
Candidate Info
Juris Doctor
Environmental Soil & Water Science (ba)
Freshwater Aquatic Chemistry And Water Resources Management (ms Environmental Science)
Transaction Cost Economics (mpa)

Senior Industrial Hygienist

Conducted comprehensive industrial hygiene assessments in various industrial environments. Ranging from chemical processing, automobiles assemble, petroleum refining, steel foundries, health care, asbestos abatement, indoor air quality, and general consulting.

  • Developed MSDS's, materials handling recommendations, and training materials for clients.
  • Audited client industrial hygiene programs for compliance and safety practice with applicable regulations and worked to resolve labor disputes.
  • Formulated industrial hygiene programs for compliance with health and safety practice and applicable regulations.
  • Evaluated potential health effects resulting from process changes and indoor air quality concerns.
Candidate Info
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Science

Industrial Hygienist (internship)

  • Served as Industrial Hygiene Intern during graduate school and performed air monitoring on the highest qualitatively ranked chemicals at 2 plants ensuring worker safety and compliance with OSHA/ACGIH standards
  • Evaluated personal noise exposures and identified areas requiring controls
  • Developed a respirator usage survey to evaluate the respiratory protection program at 2 plants
  • Completed occupational health hazard assessments to identify potential occupational safety hazards
  • Conducted illumination surveys and identified areas that required additional lighting
  • Interpreted lab results from monitoring activities and prepared formal reports with recommendations for controlling health hazards
Candidate Info
Industrial Hygiene (ms)
Environmental Biology (bs)

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