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Electronics Sales Associates work in stores selling electronic equipment and help customers choose the right item. Typical responsibilities are approaching potential customers, making suggestions, offering advice, minimizing losses, and managing the inventory. A well-written resume sample for Electronics Sales Associates showcases the ability to sell, communication and interpersonal skills, attention to details, observation spirit, and computer operation. Employers select candidates who mention in their resumes at least a high school diploma and electronic equipment familiarity. Sales training represents an advantage.

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Appliance and Electronics Sales Associate

Provide professional customer service by understanding the needs and wants of customers looking for appliances and electronics.

  • Recognized as 1st (out of 26) appliance and electronics Sales Associate for year 2013 with total sales volume of $1,163,517
  • Recognized as 2nd (out of 27) appliance and electronics Sales Associate for year 2012 with total sales volume of $1,015,527
  • Recognized as 5th (out of 25) appliance and electronics Sales Associate for year 2011 with total sales volume of $865,000
  • Received the "MVP" award for 4th quarter 2012. The "Rising Star" award for 4th quarter 2011 and 3rd quarter 2010
  • Received the "Rookie of the Year" award in 2010
  • Became preferred choice for mentoring and training new hires in February 2012
Candidate Info
Supply Chain Management

Electronics Sales Associate

Met or exceeded sales goals on a regular basis.

  • Maintained an expert knowledge of all electronics and office items sold in store.
  • Built displays and instructed fellow associates on selling to customers.
  • Aided customers in finding products to best enhance their office-environment and then in proper usage, recommending other merchandise to best optimize their productivity.
  • Performed maintenance on the F-15 Fighter and kept accurate, current reports on aircraft maintenance.
  • Answered phone calls and transferred to appropriate personnel.
  • Kept self physically fit and dressed according to Air Force regulations.
Candidate Info
History & Accomplishments
Associate of Arts

Electronics Sales Associate

Earned management's trust with handling thousands of dollars and auditing registers.

  • Gained the responsibility of handling all the keys and closing the department.
  • Recommended, selected and helped locate and obtain out-of-stock products based on customer request.
  • Creatively solved customer problems by finding inventory at other stores.
Candidate Info

Electronics Sales Associate/associate Trainer

Established relationships with customers and satisfied both company and customer needs

  • Worked with our management team to help prevent theft
  • Helped lead project reboot team of electronics department overnight
  • Maintained clean photo lab printer and handled photo orders
  • Assisted customers with the proper knowledge of Cameras, Cell Phones, Laptops, Desktops, TV's, Tablets, etc.
  • Trained 8 new Electronic Sales Associates and 15 new [company name] Associates from other departments
Candidate Info
Associate of Science

Appliances Sales Associate/ Electronics Sales Associate

  • Provided outstanding Customer service to gain their loyalty and retention
  • Developed effective strategies to achieve Sales objectives
  • Performed various duties, including assisting Customers, Stocking, Customer Service, and Cashiering
Candidate Info

Portable Electronics Sales Associate

  • Use customer-centric selling strategies to achieve company goals. Handled cash during transactions and offered customers complete financing solutions.
  • Helped to train approximately 30-40 new employees over 5 years; as well as wrote employee schedules for a total of approximately 40 employees over a period of 2 years
  • Recognized as store VIP for consistent hard work
  • Took on supervisory roles such as scheduling employees, setting growth goals and training employees
Candidate Info

Electronics Sales Associate/ Entertainment Brand Specialist

  • Lead Electronics Sales team to 20% improvement (2012- 2013)
  • Implemented strategies to drive profitable sales achieving the number one electronics store in the district (2012,2013)
  • Continuously helped drive overall store safety culture
  • Team Trainer (2012-2015)
  • Exemplify flexibility across multiple work centers
  • Provide leadership by example with integrity
  • Awarded Target Great Team Hero
Candidate Info
Technology/ Engineering

Electronics Sales Associate

Maintain accurate inventory of more than 2,400 products both on hand and backroom daily

  • Inform and generate 2 year service accounts for Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile
  • Generated customer service through phone calls and walk-ins
  • Handled request, concerns, and general inquiries of approx. 100 people daily
  • Assist 10-12 customers daily with filing online purchase in store
  • Consistent presentation of a professional image, both on the phone and in person
Candidate Info
Computer Science

Appliances Sales Associate/ Electronics Sales Associate

  • Provided outstanding Customer service to gain their loyalty and retention
  • Developed effective strategies to achieve Sales objectives
  • Performed various duties, including assisting Customers, Stocking, Customer
Candidate Info
Carolina Kitchen

Electronics Sales Associate

Customer Service in the electronics department

  • Answered user inquiries regarding electronics
  • Maintained product, cleaned department, set up new product displays, stocked shelves
  • Assisted new employees in getting to know the area, the customers, and the equipment we used
Candidate Info
Information Systems Management Web Programming

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