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Application Architects create and implement computer applications. Their responsibilities include outlining project requirements, identifying resources, following financial guidelines, assigning tasks to technical teams, and solving technical issues. Qualifications like programming expertise, analytical thinking, leadership, creativity and efficient communication are often seen on resume samples for Application Architects. Based on our most successful example resumes, these professionals hold at least a Bachelor's Degree in computer science or software engineering. Equivalent knowledge acquired through work experience is also accepted.

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Application Architect Resume Success Stories


Application Architect Duties and Responsibilities

Application Architects must carry out various tasks to ensure that application software is effectively and efficiently designed, produced and tested. In our analysis of several job postings for Application Architects, we found that most employers list the following duties and responsibilities for this occupation.

Oversee the Design Process for Application Software From product design to testing and modifications, Application Architects are involved in every step of the application software development process. This involves creating models and prototypes, evaluating potential risks and defects, analyzing specifications and customizing applications for specific customers.

Provide Technical Support and Training Application Architects provide solutions in areas of disaster recovery, data integrity and security. They evaluate and recommend software technologies in these areas, evaluate alternatives and analyze problems with data infrastructures.

Create Technical Documents It is typically up to Application Architects to produce documents relating to application architecture, design steps, integration processes and testing procedures relating to each product developed. This documentation would also cover the installation and maintenance of application software as well as guidelines and standards that should be adhered to for each product.


Application Architect Skills

Successful Application Architects generally possess strong analytical, creative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They should be detail-oriented team players who can consistently provide valuable suggestions and solutions in areas of software development, use and maintenance. Effective leadership skills are crucial, as Application Architects tend to lead project development teams in areas of application software design, development, testing and implementation. Strong verbal and written communication as well as interpersonal skills are beneficial to those in this profession. In addition to these skills, potential employers might seek Application Architects with the following abilities:
  • Applying design and testing methods - understanding design and production procedures and standards to create prototypes and finished products is crucial to Application Architects
  • Building teams - Application Architects must work closely with systems analysts, software developers, data managers and other team members to ensure successful production of application software
  • Creating custom solutions - Application Architects must be prepared to offer viable solutions for various systems and architectures to different types of businesses
  • Integrating applications with existing systems - ensuring a seamless integration of new and existing systems to eliminate potential problems and maintain data structure and integrity is a vital skill for Application Architects

Application Architect Education Requirements

Many employers seek job candidates with at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related area. In some cases, Application Architects need to possess industry certification in programming languages and architecture design.

Application Architect Salary

The average annual salary in the U.S. for Application Architects is $106,399, according to online sources. The national salary range for this profession is $83,000 to more than $140,000, with Application Architects in Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts making some of the highest salaries in the country.

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