Physiotherapist Resume Examples

Physiotherapists help patients with physical injuries or disorders recover. The most common work activities listed on Physiotherapists resume samples are assessing patient condition, developing treatment plans, recommending physical exercises, offering advice, and helping with pain management. Employers select resumes highlighting a compassionate personality, stamina, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and organization. A good level of physical fitness is preferred. Most Physiotherapists hold at least a Master's Degree in physical therapy from an accredited education institution.

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Physiotherapist Resume FAQ

How do you write a physiotherapist resume?

With only one or two pages to impress a hiring manager, your physiotherapist resume needs to be strategic. Add the following information:

  1. Top your resume with your name and contact information, such as a professional email address and cell number.
  2. Follow up with a resume summary. This first introduction can cover your specialization, such as orthopedic, cardiorespiratory or pediatric physical therapy, or summarize an exceptionally complicated but successful patient regimen.
  3. Bolster your summary with your work history. Create a timeline that covers your previous employers, responsibilities and key accomplishments, such as your average number of patients, tailored recovery plans or specialized treatments.
  4. Cover additional social and technical knowledge under a skills section.
  5. Round out your resume with your education. Add degrees, certifications and medical licenses to indicate your qualifications.

Please note that not all resumes follow this exact layout, but they include this information. You can learn more about structuring your resume through our resume formats and resume-writing guides.

What is a good objective for a physiotherapist's resume?

A resume objective or a professional summary sits near the top of your resume and plays two roles. The first is to demonstrate one core specialty or skill as bait for the second role — to entice a hiring manager into wanting to learn more about you and your work history. Take a look at what a good resume objective for a physiotherapist contains versus a bad one:

Great physiotherapist resume objective:

An emphatic physical therapist with extensive knowledge of geriatric physiotherapy and over 12 years of experience. Familiar and comfortable working with elderly patients, including clients with physical or mental limitations related to arthritis, dementia or limb replacements.

Poor resume objective:

Skilled physical therapist with over 12 years of experience. Looking for an immediate opportunity to share extensive knowledge.

What are the skills of a physiotherapist?

Your skills as a physical therapist can vary, but the following technical and soft skills can help bolster your resume.

Technical physical therapy skills:

  1. Sports physical therapy
  2. Geriatric physical therapy
  3. Orthopedic physical therapy
  4. Pediatric physical therapy
  5. Cardiovascular physical therapy
  6. Neurological physical therapy
  7. Hand-therapy physical therapy
  8. Pain physical therapy
  9. Patient record-keeping
  10. Regiment customization

Strong soft skills:

  1. Strong time management
  2. Verbal and written communication skills
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Empathy
  5. Patience
  6. Stamina
  7. Record-keeping

Hiring managers can also value transferable skills that focus on interpersonal relationships. This detailed resume skills article and these professional resume examples can help you decide which additional skills to feature on your resume.

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