Support Analyst Cover Letter

Support Analysts function as the main contact for technical support in business and corporate settings. Responding to technical issues or complaints related to hardware, software or other auxiliary devices; developing strategies to improve systems and operations and preventing future issues are also common duties of these IT professionals. In addition, excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure diagnosing, evaluating and resolving technical issues are paramount.

The following qualifications and skill sets are often found in example cover letters for Support Analysts:

  • Determining how systems should function and how various conditions, operations and environments affect outcomes
  • Utilizing logic to identify the pros and cons of alternative solutions or approaches to problems
  • Considering relative cost and benefit for all potential actions with the end goal of choosing the best one
  • Troubleshooting possible causes of operating errors and deciding on a resolution
  • Analyzing data to identify the underlying facts, principles or reasons
  • Degree in Computer Science or other related area

Beneath, find a sample cover letter that details key abilities and work experience for a Support Analyst.

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Dear Mr. Gardanar:

I am offering my resume for the position of Support Analyst. Due to my experience as a Support Analyst for the past eight years, I possess the knowledge and technical expertise to work competently and efficiently with all current systems and hardware. My confidence and passion in my career area has allowed me to successfully handle complex technical situations and achieve positive outcomes on a consistent basis. In addition, I have received various accolades for my technical support efforts.

My technical abilities coupled with my interpersonal skills allow me to explain things of a technical nature in laymen’s terms, which is helpful when working with end users. Having worked in a variety of fast-paced environments, I am well-versed in analyzing technical issues and making quick, yet sound, decisions that allow for satisfactory resolutions. Overall, my skills and work experience in the IT field position me as the perfect candidate to bring exceptional value to RMI.

Below are some highlights of my related experience and qualifications:

  • Collaborated with various IT teams to increase response and resolution time
  • Performed scheduled maintenance without fail at 30, 60 and 90-day checkpoints and any other scheduled checkpoint times
  • Compiled data and reported the data in weekly status meetings
  • Remotely supported over 500 users using various types of infrastructures
  • Rapidly responded to major technical issues such as system failures and power outages.
  • Successfully and singlehandedly managed multiple projects —large and small — during a six-month period of IT-team transition

I look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss my experience and qualifications in-depth and how they align with the goals and vision of RMI.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ricardo T. Darrion

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