Public Relations Officer Cover Letter Examples

Public Relations Officers serve as media representatives for the organizations that employ them. They plan and direct material and activities that will maintain or strengthen their client’s image. Excellence in organization and the ability to respond quickly with grace under media pressure is key. Essential job duties of a Public Relations Officer include developing PR campaigns and strategies for media relations, organizing PR events, editing promotional material and tracking industry trends.

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Free Public Relations Officer cover letter example

Dear Mr. Bartletz:

I am offering my resume for the position of Public Relations Officer. I have successfully served as the face of communication for three different organizations ’each having their own unique mission. Due to my background and experience in the industry, I am well positioned to serve as the Public Relations Officer post at Green Champion Industries.

My professional experience includes strengthening the public image of each client I’ve represented. In addition, I have a wealth of experience positively promoting various products or messages. My degree in Communications and my background in journalism are further assets that make me a prime candidate for the position.

Below are some highlights of my relevant experience and qualifications:

Managed organization’s social media pages and maintained its positive public image over a three-year period

Collaborated with external research professionals to develop and conduct surveys to track customer satisfaction

Responded to all media inquiries within three business days or less depending on subject

Established and maintained positive relationships with various members of community and public interest groups

Coached two interns regarding effective communication with the public and media

Arranged at least one public appearance per quarter to increase product awareness

My excellent communication skills and ability to work well under pressure ’along with my capability to enhance any client’s image ’make me a prime candidate for the Public Relations Officer position you are offering. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.


Pierre Sherish

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Include These Public Relations Officer Skills

  • Writing press releases that align with client’s objectives
  • Contacting members of the media as necessary
  • Replying to information requests from the media
  • Monitoring and maintaining the public image of clients
  • Aiding clients in their communications with the public

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