Animator Cover Letter

Animators are artists involved in the development of products like videos, websites, commercials, and computer games. These professionals use multiple images sequenced together to create the illusion of movement or animation. Typical work activities of an Animator are discussing requirements with clients, creating animation concepts, developing storyboards, designing items to be used in the animation environment such as models and characters, setting the pace of movements for objects and characters, using specialized software, and collaborating with editors to add multiple animation layers.

Employers select cover letters highlighting skills and abilities such as:

  • Technical skills
  • Drawing skills
  • Creativity and artistic talent
  • Being able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Networking skills
  • An eye for details
  • Computer proficiency

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Dear Mr. Lybarger:

Technical aptitude, sharp artistic talent, and productive team collaboration are all essential elements to success in 3D animation. As a highly skilled professional with more than 12 years of strong experience producing a variety of successful 3D animation projects, I am positioned to make a significant impact on your team as your next Animator.

My background includes using sequential images to generate the illusion of movement and create animated content for websites, computer games, commercials, and films. With solid proficiency in using specialized software programs to create flawless animation—along with my ability to collaborate effectively with clients, peers, and management teams—I am confident that my talents and abilities will significantly benefit your company.

Highlights of my experience include…

  • Overseeing 3D animation content development and management for multimillion-dollar clients and projects, including Good Morning America, the National Geographic Channel, and Nickelodeon.
  • Creating high-end animations to accurately depict complicated concepts for network TV and documentary film audiences.
  • Consulting with clients to evaluate their needs and ensure content aligned with their educational and promotional requirements.
  • Managing animation projects from start to finish, ensuring timely and cost-efficient completion.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in a breadth of technology programs and tools, including the Adobe Creative Suite as well as Microsoft Office.

With my keen ability to evolve and complete 3D animation projects, combined with my steadfast commitment to top-notch quality and production, I am prepared to excel as your next Animator. I look forward to discussing the position and my qualifications in detail.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tori C. Packard

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