Kitchen Hand Cover Letter Examples

Kitchen Hands are entry-level employees playing a vital role in the food industry; their main responsibility is maintaining the kitchen area of a restaurant clean and orderly. Examples of Kitchen Hand duties include sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning utensils and sharpening knives, maintaining appliances clean and in good working condition, cleaning work stations, separating trash, replenishing stocks, washing fruits and vegetables, and arranging tables.

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Free Kitchen Hand cover letter example

Dear Ms. Owens:

In my search for a restaurant position that supports my skills and provides opportunities for growth, I discovered the posting for a Kitchen Hand at your establishment and felt compelled to submit my resume for your consideration. With my strong interest in a career in the restaurant industry, as well as my dedication to fruitful team collaboration, I am certain that I would make an immediate contribution to the success of your kitchen operations.

From preparing and storing food and washing dishes to cleaning work stations and monitoring supplies, my background has prepared me to excel in this position. With more than four years of experience in high-volume, high-pressure restaurant environments, my additional strengths in communication, organization, and time management are sure to make me a positive asset to your kitchen team.

Consider the following skills that I offer:

Perform various tasks including cutting poultry and vegetables, making sauces and dressings, and preparing garnishments.

Ensure top-notch hygiene and food safety standards to maintain a clean, tidy, and compliant restaurant kitchen.

Stock inventory, clean each station and line, scrub floors, wash dishes/utensils, and perform restaurant opening and closing tasks..

Maintain a friendly rapport with chefs, servers, and peers across all work areas.

Possess a Diploma in Culinary Arts; currently pursuing a BA in Culinary Arts from Tennessee State University.

With my enthusiasm and dedication to achieving success, coupled with my experience and my skill set, I am sure that I would quickly exceed your expectations and make a positive impact on your restaurant. I look forward to discussing this position in further detail.

Thank you very much.


Adrianna W. Berg

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Include These Kitchen Hand Skills

  • Food hygiene knowledge
  • Knowledge of cleaning procedures
  • Customer service skills
  • Effective communication and teamwork
  • Dexterity and stamina
  • Resilience to stress
  • Problem-solving orientation and a can do attitude

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