CIO Cover Letter

A CIO (Chief information Officer) is the high-level executive in a company responsible for overseeing the IT and computer systems departments. CIOs perform a key role in how technology and data is used and managed in the operations of a company. Responsibilities of a CIO involve executive decision making such as the planning of IT policies, budgeting, resourcing and training staff. The vital role of a CIO has to bring about the effective working relationships of IT and non-IT members of staff.

Successful applicants for the position of Chief Information Officer should display the following common skills and abilities:

  • Ability to think strategically
  • Sound business sense or above average knowledge of corporate finance
  • Extensive knowledge of Information Technology
  • Outstanding communication skills

The sample cover letter produced below for a Chief information officer highlights some of the common attributes employers seek.

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Dear Mr. Marshall

I would like to put forward my application for the position of CIO at Fisher Communications. I come with a wealth of experience and passion and I have the relevant educational credentials I believe will hold me in good stead. I have an MBA with a focus on Analytic Systems and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I am also a certified project manager. In addition to my solid qualifications, work experience has allowed me to develop proficiencies in managing successful IT departments to offer to the best level of IT service in every organization I have worked for.

The following are just some of the high points in my career path thus far:

  • Exceeded the Board’s expectations in the first year of employment by restructuring a failing project that was costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Successfully implemented a company-wide budgeting system with huge savings in cost to the company
  • Managed four IT departments with a total of 120 staff
  • Designed information architecture for business continuity
  • Oversaw all aspects in the positioning of corporate information systems

My demonstrated abilities to incorporate emerging IT trends, leadership skills, forward-thinking approach to problem-solving and passion for attaining identified goals, I believe, make me a suitable candidate for the open Chief Information Officer position. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I welcome an opportunity with you to discuss my suitability further.

Roger Sparks

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