Sales Specialist Cover Letter

Sales Specialists educate prospects on the features and benefits of a given product or service and then guide them through the sales process. Standard work activities include prospecting for leads, qualifying leads through the use of specific qualifying questions, explaining the features and benefits of a product or service to qualified leads, addressing prospect objections to close the sale and using CRM software to track each prospect’s journey through the sales cycle.

The following is a list of the qualifications and skills most frequently found on a Sales Specialist cover letter.

  • Advanced knowledge of the sales cycle
  • Public speaking skills
  • Proficiency with CRM software such as Salesforce
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Proficiency in non-verbal communication
  • Positive and professional demeanor
  • Ability to maintain high levels of energy for long periods of time

Below is an example of a Sales Specialist cover letter that highlights some of these skills and abilities.

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Dear Mr. Seymour,

I have recently learned of your need for a Sales Specialist, and I was motivated to submit my resume for consideration. As a Sales Specialist with four years of experience in B2B sales with Dunlap Digital, I am certain I have the qualifications necessary to thrive in your organization.

My professional experience includes prospecting for small to mid-size businesses in need of digital marketing services and then pitching them the services of Dunlap Digital based on their specific marketing needs. Based on this experience, I am confident I can help Zinc Digital achieve their goals.

The following is a list of my most relevant skills and qualifications.

  • Used Salesforce to successfully document and analyze each prospect’s journey through the sales process
  • Earned recognition for highest grossing Sales Specialist in 2015
  • Helped write and implement new service sales scripts
  • Trained new sales specialists on features and benefits of each service

I think what truly separates me from the other candidates is I have a natural gift of gab. I love talking to people, and this has helped me build a successful career in sales. If you would like to talk more in an interview, then please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration.

Corey Mesa

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