Security Guard Cover Letter

Security Guards work for a variety of organizations and are in charge for protecting premises, staff, and goods. Their role also includes preventing illegal actions. Typical responsibilities of a Security Guard include: ensuring safety and security, identifying suspicious activity, evicting trespassers, preparing reports of suspicious incidents, patrolling an assigned area, taking action in case of emergency, and performing first aid.

Those looking to secure a Security Guard position should make display of the following assets in their cover letters:

  • Physical fitness and stamina
  • Being available to work in shifts
  • An observant and investigative nature
  • Problem-solving orientation
  • Discipline and being able to ignore distractions
  • Confidentiality and integrity
  • Effective communication
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge of security procedures

Similar Security Guard skills can be seen in the sample cover letter provided below.

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Dear Mr. Hamilton:

When I learned of Avatar Technologies’ need for a Security Guard, I became eager to submit the enclosed resume. With nine years of experience in various security-related roles, I am well positioned to exceed your expectations for this position.

My background includes expertise in detecting suspicious behaviors and/or dangerous situations to ensure visitor, staff, and premises safety. With complementary experience in investigating and resolving disturbances, my proven success excelling within high-pressure environments prepares me to make a positive impact on your company in this role.

I offer the following qualifications:

  • Patrolling assigned areas to ensure employee, building, and equipment safety and security for BroadBase Storage Solutions and The Slipknot Tool Co.
  • Requesting and checking the identification of all individuals entering and exiting the premises, accompanying guests through buildings as necessary, and denying entrance to unauthorized visitors.
  • Producing detailed reports regarding property damage, theft, and violations—in the rare event necessary.
  • Earning employee and management trust through excellent communication skills and solid work ethic.

With my background and my proven skill set, I am ready to provide outstanding security service for your company. I look forward to discussing the position with you in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Terry M. Jones

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