Seamstress Cover Letter

Seamstresses sew, alter and mend clothing and other types of fabric using various tools, techniques and machinery. Some seamstresses offer a basic menu of services and work in factories or for companies that require a standard, repetitive skill set. Seamstresses who are more creative and experienced might own their own business or work for boutiques creating original patterns and clothing designs to attract fashion-conscious clientele. In addition, some seamstresses specialize in beading or detailed embroidery work.

The following qualifications and skills are often found in sample cover letters for Seamstresses:

  • Use of all types of sewing tools and machinery
  • Detailed knowledge of garment construction
  • Measurement and assessment abilities
  • Alterations and repair experience
  • Pattern modification and creation
  • Accent — buttons, lace, trim —  selection and application

Beneath is an example of a cover letter that highlights relevant experience and abilities for a Seamstress.

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Dear Mr. Tribe:

I am submitting my resume for the position of Seamstress. As a skilled, creative and disciplined expert, with more than two decades of experience creating and altering garments, I believe that I am poised to become an asset to your company.

My professional experience includes serving as the Lead Seamstress for a group of seven to 10 seamstresses while meeting my own productivity goals each day. I have also worked in a variety of environments — factory, boutique, hotel — and gained valuable experience working with people of different cultures and economic status. With my experience and knowledge of the industry, I am in a perfect position to positively impact Sew Perfect Industries.

Below are some highlights of my relevant experience and qualifications:

  • Created and altered formal garments, such as wedding dresses, tuxedos and evening gowns
  • Upheld daily specific productivity guidelines of three formal garment alterations per hour
  • Operated industrial sewing machines, shirring machines and sergers on a weekly basis
  • Assisted a wide range of clients choose the best combination of fabrics and patterns in order to create custom-made garments that flattered them
  • Maintained a clean, organized and well-stocked work area for seven to 10 seamstresses
  • Regularly created client estimates regarding how much garments would cost to create based on time and materials involved

I’m confident that my wide range of experience as a seamstress as well as my ability to successfully interface with a diverse group of clientele would serve your organization well. I am ready to discuss with you how I can benefit your company and would welcome the opportunity to give you additional insight into my qualifications and experience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dana J. Barrick

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