Quantitative Analyst Cover Letter Examples

Quantitative Analysts use mathematical and statistical theories and methods to solve problems and make decisions relating to finances, investments, prices and risk management. Important job duties of Quantitative Analysts include researching and analyzing market trends, designing and implementing quantitative models, specifying data collection methods and presenting data results.

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Free Quantitative Analyst cover letter example

Dear Ms. Banks,

I am submitting my attached resume for the position of Quantitative Analyst. With a master’s degree in quantitative finance, four years of experience in financial analysis and voluntary financial certification, I believe that I would be a fantastic fit for this position and a valuable asset to the Banks Investments team.

My professional experience includes developing and implementing complex models, making high-stakes risk vs. reward decisions under pressure, accurately analyzing mass amounts of data and advising clients on investment decisions. Over the course of my work, I have learned that effective communication and a strong work ethic are just as important to success as raw quantitative skills.

The following are just a few highlights of my qualifications and experience:

Earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley

Earned a master’s degree in financial engineering from Columbia University

Occupied consecutive positions as a Junior Financial Analyst, Financial Analyst and Quantitative Analyst

Became certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Successfully maximized profits for a wide variety of clients

Successfully made difficult decisions in a high-pressure environment

Wrote intricate quantitative models using both Python and C++

I hope to bring my astute financial skills, knack for risk management and passion for mathematics to Banks Investments.

I appreciate your time and consideration, and I look forward to discussing this position further with you in the future.


Jessica Taylor

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Include These Quantitative Analyst Skills

  • A master’s degree in financial engineering, quantitative finance, physics, math, operations research or a related field
  • A Ph.D. in math, statistics, physics or a related field
  • Ability to code using scripting languages such as Python, C++, and Java
  • Excellent mathematical skills, specifically in calculus, numerical linear algebra, probability, and statistics
  • Excellent financial skills, specifically in portfolio theory, trading practices, equity and interest rate derivatives, financial modeling and credit risk products
  • Superior analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to conduct extensive independent research
  • Ability to perform well under pressure

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