Research Technician Cover Letter

A Research Technician helps scientists in a wide range of activities. They mainly help scientists with their research and experiments by collecting data, ordering inventory and other research tasks. They are generally based in one or more university departments. Research Technicians are expected to have strong mathematics skills and scientific knowledge, and they must be organized, thorough and observant. Attention to detail, good written and verbal communication skills are also beneficial skills. A Research Technician’s work hours are flexible and are generally determined by the individual needs of a project; however, they should be prepared to work for long hours, particularly when deadlines draw closer.

These are some expected skills and proficiencies expected by employers of Research Technicians:

  • Conduct tests and experiments
  • Collect, interpret, and record research and data
  • Operate and maintain computer and lab equipment
  • Order inventory

A cover letter is essential when applying for jobs. Here is a sample cover letter for a Research Technician to help get you started:

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Dear Mr. Eisenhower

I am submitting my resume for the Research Technician position recently advertised by Thor Laboratories. I am experienced, knowledgeable and have the required skill set that has developed over the past six years. This background, I believe will make me a suitable match for your advertised position. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and completed two years of specialized training as a Research Technician. I use my computer skills to keep accurate records as I am well aware of the need for precision and attention to detail. I have worked successfully as part of a team of researchers and learned the value of good lab practice. I am confident that you will find my skill set and experience beneficial to your organization.

My attached resume contains detailed information on the projects I handled and work that I have done over the past six years. However, I have highlighted a few points below for you to consider:

  • Planned experiments and evaluated test results.
  • Monitored equipment performance and maintenance schedules.
  • Responsible for maintaining safety standards, and ensuring proper handling of chemicals and substances.
  • Recorded, calculated, and analyzed data, and prepared reports.
  • Work with a team of researchers and learned the value of good lab practice.

I would appreciate it if we could meet and discuss my work experience in more detail. I have provided my contact details in my resume. I look forward to being a part of your research team. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Jerry Kirk

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