Funeral Director Cover Letter Examples

Funeral Directors ’also referred to as undertakers ’provide funeral, embalming and cremation services for the deceased. Funeral Directors organize and help execute services that align with a family’s particular religion or customs. In addition, they must thoroughly understand the aspects of grief and possess superb interpersonal skills in order to interact respectfully and carefully with their clients.

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Free Funeral Director cover letter example

Dear Mr. Blomquist:

I am submitting my resume for the position of Funeral Director. As an Assistant Funeral Director for the past five years, I have gained valuable experience in consulting, educating, accommodating and otherwise meeting the needs of families from various religious backgrounds ’all with the utmost integrity and compassion.

I was delighted to learn that, as the owner of Blomquist Funeral Services, you are committed to providing the best in personal, client-focused services and only want to hire those who share your vision. My entire career in the funeral services industry has taken place with some of the most well-respected funeral-service providers in the state ’all of whom share the same vision.

Below are some highlights of my related experience and qualifications:

Managed four full time employees and six part-time employees in the absence of the director

Facilitated the process of obtaining and verifying all insurance documentation and payments prior to the date of services

Created personalized memorial videos set to music as per the wishes of the family

Prepared death certificates, legal paperwork, obituaries and other necessary forms

Conducted funerals competently by following all relevant federal and state regulations

Educated family members regarding their options to assist them in making the best decisions during a difficult time

I am available to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss my qualifications, past experiences and how I can serve as an asset to Blomquist Funeral Service. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Garth M. Adamson

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Include These Funeral Director Skills

  • Arranging for pick-up and transportation of the deceased
  • Preparing remains respectfully and complying with all relevant laws
  • Completing and submitting all required paperwork and legal documents
  • Consulting with the deceased’s family in a respectful and compassionate manner
  • Assisting with funeral plans to accommodate the wishes of the family
  • Serving as a helpful, patient and informative mentor to junior staff members
  • Discussing and planning funerals with people who prefer to make arrangements in advance

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