Engineering Technician Cover Letter

Engineering Technician Cover Letter

Engineering Technicians assist engineers with research and development, quality control or design. Common duties for an Engineering Technician include building construction modifications from an engineer’s sketch or field survey, updating plans to show "as built" construction, and performing on-site inspections of construction to ensure quality and adherence to specifications.

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Include These Engineering Technician Skills

  • Experience with engineering technology
  • Record of performing work efficiently and on time
  • Excellent communication skills
  • strong reading comprehension skills.
  • Advanced critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

The cover letter below is a good example of how an aspiring Engineering Technicians can demonstrate these skills and traits in an application.

Dear Ms. Jarvis:

I am submitting my resume to be considered for the open position of Engineering Technician at TrueNorth. I have a solid background in engineering from past work experience and education that will allow me to greatly contribute to the company in this role.

My degree in engineering from East York University provided me with the strong foundation to pursue work in this field. I served as an Engineering Technician at TDI, where I performed data analysis and provided recommendations to achieve project deadlines. There, I worked with Engineers and other Technicians to run experiments and develop more efficient business processes.

The following are some additional highlights of my qualifications and experience:

Prepared plans and layouts for equipment or system arrangements and space allocation.

Interpreted drawing markups and implemented drawing revisions provided by engineers.

Reverse engineered hardware to facilitate documentation.

Assisted technical support department in troubleshooting product returns and after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Identified and solved electronic design problems, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective products.

With years of on-the-ground experience engineering, I have the knowledge and ability to meet and exceed the needs of TrueNorth in the role of Engineering Technician. I am excited for the opportunity to join in the great work being produced by your team. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.


Paul. J Hurley