Dean Cover Letter Examples

Deans hold various administrative roles at colleges and universities. Sometimes they are found at middle schools and high schools. Deans perform their duties on behalf of students and staff of a campus to create a functional academic environment. The duties of Deans of students involve student services like admissions, financial aid, housing and coordinating social programs. Academic Deans give support and guidance to the institutions’faculty by supervising department chairs and staff. Deans usually start their careers as professors or in other academic positions.

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Include These Dean Skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Organized
  • Attention to detail

In your application for a Dean position, a well-drafted cover letter will help stand you apart from other applicants. See the example below.

Dear Mr. Whittaker,

I am writing to apply for the position of Academic Dean at Robertson Island University. I have a master’s degree in student administration, and I have ten years’experience working at a higher education institution. I believe these qualities align well with what you require for this role.

I am highly skilled at administration work and have overseen the admin work for professors, advisors and administrative staff. I chair staff meeting and handle budgetary matters. With a keen eye for detail, strong leadership skills and effective time management skills, I believe I would be a suitable candidate for this position.

My experience and background have given me a broad understanding of the workings of an institution of higher education, as well as how to handle delicate or stressful situations with ease. I get along well with people and can work effectively as part of a team.

I have accomplished the following achievements that will be to the benefit of my next position:

Implemented new programs, procedures, and processes to make administration more efficient

Developed marketing or promoting academic programs on the campus.

Served as advisor to departments and students when needed

I am confident that you will find my resume, credentials, and references to your standard. I look forward to bringing my skill set and experience to the efficient running of the university. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your consideration.


Robert Ross

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