Preschool Teacher Assistant Cover Letter

Preschool Teacher Assistants work under the immediate supervision of a teacher. They are responsible for assisting the teacher in providing a developmentally appropriate environment for children from two to five years of age. They help children develop habits for caring for themselves and personal and classroom belongings. In addition, they assist with the planning and implementation of a variety of learning activities. A courteous and diplomatic disposition, as well as an enthusiastic attitude toward young children, are key traits.

The following qualifications and skills are often found in example cover letters for Preschool Teacher Assistants:

  • Reinforcing basic skills Preparing learning activities in advance
  • Supervising students in various areas Assisting with classroom clean-up and organization
  • Providing essential hygiene care Taking inventory of supplies
  • Performing clerical work as needed

Below is an example cover letter that highlights related experiences and abilities for a Preschool Teacher Assistant.

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Dear Mrs. Montaza:

I am submitting my resume for the position of Preschool Teacher Assistant. After reading your ad, I am confident that I have the qualifications and skills needed to fulfill the duties of the position you are offering. I possess the required experience level, educational background and professional dedication to make a positive impact on the students, staff and parents of your school.

My unique skillset lies not only in my ability to engage children and help them learn at their specific level — but also within my dedication to providing consistent opportunities for appropriate social interactions. Furthermore, my patience and enthusiasm for working through daily routines with these young students is a perfect match for the character traits you are seeking at Highgrove Mountain Preschool.

Below are some highlights of my relevant experience and qualifications:

  • Taught daily lessons and communicated with parents in teacher’s absence.
  • Assisted in maintaining children’s progress and development profiles.
  • Established positive relationships with children and their parents.
  • Participated in staff and parent conferences and offered valuable input.
  • Created and prepared lesson manipulatives and visual aids as needed.
  • Monitored and observed students during class, transition, lunch and recess times.
  • Assisted in implementing parent involvement activities, such as the annual open house and conferences.

In addition to my professional background, I have a Child Development Associate Credential which makes me a qualified contender for the position. My excellent interpersonal skills, penchant for organization and enthusiasm for working with children all add to my value. I would be happy to have an in-person meeting to further discuss how I can I serve as an asset to your school. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your consideration.


Debi K. Bollardo

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