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Knowledge Management Specialists encourage professionals in an organization to share their knowledge and experience. Job responsibilities of a Knowledge Management Specialist include: collecting information, digitizing information to ensure easy access, preventing data from being destroyed, and handling teams who assist them with various tasks. Resume samples in the field highlight the following job skills: business acumen, excellent communication, presentation abilities, detail orientation, and computer competences. Employers select resumes displaying at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field.

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Knowledge Management Specialist/ Social Media Engagement Specialist

Worked in support of U.S. Army's [company name], a section of PEO C3T (Program Executive Office Command Control Communications-Tactical) and C4ISR

  • Responsible for maintaining community boards, addressing customer/client concerns, and updating community on system changes and upgrades including maintaining a daily milSuite Blog for professional development, program tutorials, and new product summaries
  • Created fresh daily content for user base in relation to current and new applications, and special interest content
  • Worked side by side with clients collecting requirements, and creating appropriate 'groups' and 'community' pages to suit their needs, trained new users and coach them on their milSuite experience, and maintained and moderated communities and groups for content and assistance
  • Attended and created new events and conventions in order to promote the milSuite platform and MilTech program. Events included COMSEC IPT, APG Centennial, and other local events
  • Worked with developers to test new programs and updates before launch and release
  • Created a calendar of events, manages social media pages, created, produced, and edited weekly tutorial videos to assist users
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Social Media Management
Web Media Studies

Knowledge Management Specialist

  • Provided communication strategy, change management and content recommendations to Chevron's Business and Real Estate Services (CBRES) Facility Management (FM) community.
  • Back-up support to Communications Advisor responsible for all CBRES communications globally.
  • Edited operations processes and SOPs.
  • SharePoint administrator and content management resource across CBRES organization.
  • Organized and condensed CBRES content and streamline repositories including creating templates and processes for increased efficiencies.
  • Point-of-contact for creation and execution of SharePoint surveys across the FM community.
  • Meeting coordination, agenda preparation, facilitation and scribing.
  • Administrative liaison to the Operations Support team. Tracked team's monthly performance data, metric and dashboard reporting, managed distribution lists and provided ongoing support with special projects and team deliverables with a focus on writing and editing content.
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Communications, Saint

Senior Enterprise Knowledge Management Specialist

  • Awarded the MVP of the Year award for work on the backend redesign of one of the internal content management systems. Conducted comprehensive functional testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Performs an integral role within the company's knowledge management program despite multiple corporate changes. Current responsibilities revolve around serving as Subject Matter Expert (SME) with respect to content management tool policies, procedures, and best practices.
  • Reviews and analyzes content structure of current content management systems.
  • Makes strategic decisions to migrate content to new content management systems to improve presentation and validity of content.
  • Fosters and cultivates open and collaborative lines of communication with team members to ensure communications are distributed within content management systems quickly and accurately.
  • Strategically partners with regional, divisional, and specialty-based knowledge base teams to notify them of new products and product updates; focuses on ensuring compliance and consistency of content.
  • Performed 4 focus groups with offshore vendors and assisted with 10 additional stateside focus groups to learn what improvements could be made to our content management tools. This resulted in the creation of several new tools and processes to assist agents, including what became the #1 used SharePoint site in the entire company. Another reduced hard call transfers from nearly 20,000 per week to an average of 1,600 per week.
  • Spearheaded creation of and continues to maintain TWC Enterprise Customer Care's first standardized content management system. This resulted in consistency of all messaging and content for the assigned audience and the ability to gauge and measure performance.
  • After visiting with call center agents, determined how to streamline how they locate divisional policies, server settings, and transfer information. Then designed and continues to populate an online tool that simplifies how agents find appropriate content.
  • Creates and maintains corporate knowledge base content used by 22,000 internal and 7,000 offshore customer service and technical support agents.
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Computer Arts & Design

Knowledge Management Specialist SURVICE Engineering

  • Perform and provide oversight to Defense Systems IAC technical library functions such as acquiring, organizing, retrieval, and dissemination of information materials. Provide analysis, current awareness, literature searching and referral services.
  • Performs daily maintenance of classified and unclassified technical documents, including creating classified and unclassified citations for technical documents, document accountability and transmittal of classified information.
  • Performs reviews for quality and consistency of data entry into databases.
  • Assist the Defense Systems IAC Facility Security Officer (FSO) with classified document accountability.
  • Used DTIC online- R & E Gateway to complete literature searches.
  • Uploads technical documents along with SF 298s into the [company name] (DTIC) Total Electronic Migration System (TEMS).
  • Lead Point of Contact for the DTIC sponsored project of the upload of unclassified and classified technical reports for the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).
Candidate Info
years in
at this job

Senior Knowledge Management Specialist

  • Lead Knowledge Management efforts for the Resilience Evaluation, Analysis and Learning (REAL) Consortium for [company name], Inc.
  • Lead development of consortium-wide Learning Agenda and Knowledge Management Strategies based on USAID Knowledge Management Framework.
  • Manage multiyear Operational and Program budgets for Award.
  • Develop consortium-wide knowledge management exchange conferences.
  • Contribute to business development efforts and proposal writing.
  • Design and deliver training on knowledge management, collaboration platforms, and community facilitation.
  • Create and implement online communications campaigns with USAID and implementing partners.
Candidate Info
years in
International Relations And History
International Management

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