Service Representative Job Description

Service representatives – also known as service reps, CSRs, and customer service representatives – address customer complaints, questions, and concerns over the telephone, in person, and/or through online chat programs. They serve as representatives for their employers. Call centers and service-based businesses of all types hire service representatives to work both in-house and remotely for part- and full-time work during all shifts, including evening and weekend hours. Service representatives typically work in call centers and offices in a team-oriented environment and report to the service manager. Service representatives do not typically travel to perform their work duties, staying within their homes or their assigned call center areas to complete their job tasks.


Service Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Service representatives perform varied daily duties depending on the environment where they work, the number of customers they address, and the methods of communication they use to interact with customers. Despite these variables, however, the job tasks required of service representatives are universally the same for all employers.

Greet Customers

Service representatives greet customers who walk into the business, call the business over the phone, or contact the business through the Internet.

Answer Phones

Service representatives answer incoming phone calls from customers and determine whether or not these calls need to be routed to other departments or employees within the company.

Ask Questions

Service representatives ask customers questions to determine their needs and get other information from them regarding personal account information and other essential details.

Analyze Customer Problems

Service representatives analyze customer problems and complaints to determine the exact nature of the issue and ultimately solve their problems.

Answer Questions

Service representatives access customer files and answer customer questions regarding account and business information.

Log Communications

Service representatives make notes in customer files and maintain logs of customer communications to keep up-to-date company records.


Service Representative Skills and Qualifications

Service representatives use customer service skills to interact with customers, solve customer problems, and find the best ways to resolve customer issues of all types while representing the company in a positive way. Employers hire service representatives who have the skills necessary for performing all aspects of this job.

  • Customer service – the job tasks performed by service representatives revolve around customer service, so employers seek out individuals with strong customer service skills to fill this role
  • Communication – service representatives use communication skills to listen to customers and respond to them in a clear, easy-to-understand way
  • Computer skills – service representatives use computer programs to communicate with customers, log customer complaints, and access customer information
  • Data entry – service representatives log customer communications and make notes regarding customer complaints in digital systems, which requires good data entry skills
  • Multi-tasking – service representatives use multi-tasking abilities to respond to several customers and issues at once and through a variety of methods, including over the phone, in person, or through online chat forums
  • Analytical skills – service representatives use analytical skills to determine the nature of the problems customers are having
  • Problem-solving – service representatives find ways to solve customer issues and concerns in the best way possible, which requires good problem-solving ability


Service Representative Education and Training

A majority of employers look for service representatives who have a high school diploma or equivalent. Additional education, work experience, and training are not required by most employers for this job. However, candidates who have previous customer service experience of any sort can stand out among other applicants applying for the same job.

Because service representatives are hired on an entry-level basis, paid training is provided to these professionals. This training period varies by employer, but it’s usually brief and often no longer than two weeks. During training, service representatives are thoroughly briefed on company procedures for addressing customers and solving common problems that may arise. Service representatives in training are closely monitored by a dedicated trainer or service manager as they learn how to perform their job tasks.


Service Representative Salary and Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data for customer service representatives shows that these professionals earned a median income of $32,890 annually, or $15.81 hourly, in 2017. Customer service representatives occupied more than two million jobs in 2017, a number the BLS estimates will grow by five percent through 2026. This rate is about as fast as the national job growth average. Customer service representatives manage customer complaints and provide them with information, performing the same job tasks as service representatives. In many companies, the two titles are interchangeable. Data from PayScale shows that service representatives earn $13.50 median hourly pay.

Full-time service representatives generally receive health insurance coverage from employers. Sometimes, benefits packages also include vision and dental insurance coverage. Paid holidays and vacation days are typically offered to service representatives as well. For service representatives who work in-house, additional perks such as free coffee and access to onsite fitness facilities may also be provided. Part-time service representatives and service representatives who work remotely from home do not usually receive benefits of any sort from employers, and must manage their own healthcare and vacation needs.


Helpful Resources

Turn to the resources available through these books and websites to look for jobs, get tips and strategies, and discover educational programs for service representatives who want to succeed on this career path:

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International Customer Service Association – find information for professional development, career resources, upcoming events, and training webinars for service representatives at this website.

Customer service representative: Standard Requirements – what does it take to be a great service representative? This book answers the question with real-world tips, self-assessment tools, and in-depth information for all service representatives.

Association for Customer Care Professionals – search for service representative job openings, explore education resources, find online courses, look at webinars, and discover information for professionals at this website.

Customer Service Representative’s Roles & Responsibilities: Pinpoint Customer Service Skill Development Training Serie – take an in-depth look at the roles and responsibilities required of customer service representatives with this book, which outlines strategies for completing the tasks that service representatives need to perform on a regular basis.


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