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Travel Agent Resume FAQ

How do you describe a travel agent on a resume?

  1. Prioritize relevant skills related to customer service, travel research, computer skills or improvisation.
  2. Focus on the needs of the hiring travel agency or company. For example, if an international agency is looking for agents with experience with private tropical travel, mention your experience booking charter flights and boats.
  3. Showcase certifications in the industry like Certified Travel Associate (CTA), Elite Cruise Counselor (ECC) or Certified Travel Counselor (CTC).

What skills does a travel agent typically need?

An exceptional travel agent should remain calm under pressure and exhibit these skills:

  1. Amiable customer service
  2. Written and verbal communication
  3. Strong sales skills
  4. Knowledge of optimal travel periods and off-season travel
  5. Client administration and organization
  6. Active listening skills
  7. Persuasive speaking style
  8. Data management
  9. Record keeping

What are the duties of a travel agent?

  1. Arrange travel for business and vacation clients.
  2. Plan and arrange tour packages based on client's needs, interests and budgets.
  3. Provide on-hand support in response to travel-related delays or issues.
  4. Find and provide fare, schedule and payment deadline information.
  5. Calculate total travel costs, including fees, insurance and premium add-ons.