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Lot Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

While the day-to-day duties of lot attendants are determined by their employer, there are many core tasks associated with the role. Based on our analysis of job listings, these may include:

Perform Parking Duties Lot attendants are expected to valet or park cars in available spots, manipulate vehicles to take advantage of all open spaces, and potentially collect fees from patrons wishing to park in a particular garage or lot. Lot attendants may also position or remove barricades to prevent parking in certain spots.

Manage Customer Parking If lot attendants work at an establishment where people park on their own, they are expected to issue tags to customers to display in their vehicles. They is also expected to use hand signals and lights to direct customers into open spots.

Cash Handling A lot attendant may be required to perform cash handling tasks, such as making change, balancing and recording a cash drawer, or distributing tips to other staff members.

Safety Management Lot attendants play a large role in keeping the establishment they work at safe. They are expected to help patrons exit parking spaces safely, enlist the help of a local tow truck company if a person is parked illegally, clean up trash and debris from the parking facility, and ensure cameras are working properly. Lot attendants may also be required to patrol the parking area in order to prevent vehicle damage and vehicle or property thefts.


Lot Attendant Skills and Qualifications

A successful lot attendant is well organized. Additionally, employers prefer candidates who possess the following abilities:
  • Detail oriented - a person in this role should be resourceful, motivated, and pay close attention to detail, as vehicles will need to be continually re-slotted to ensure maximum efficiency of the parking facility
  • Strong communication skills - lot attendants should be able to communicate parking related information or issues to patrons and management clearly and effectively; they may also be expected to give directions to customers
  • Training - lot attendants are required to train new employees on the appropriate parking procedures, safety protocols, and parking issue processes
  • Problem solving - Situations are apt to arise ranging from confusion over where a vehicle is located to security issues; before calling in outside security (e.g. local police), lot attendants try to diffuse situations in a safe manner

Lot Attendant Education and Training

No formal education credentials are required for this position. Lot attendants may be required to pass background checks and be certified in first aid. Hands-on-training is typically offered by employers, and some may provide written manuals on company protocols and procedures.

Lot Attendant Salary and Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the median annual wage for lot attendants at $10.97 per hour, or $22,810 per year. This can vary based on what industry or state a person works in. According to Recruiter.com, the overall job outlook for parking lot attendants has been positive since 2004. Vacancies have increased by 3.76 percent nationwide, with an average growth of 0.63 percent per year. Demand for parking lot attendants is expected to increase, with an expected 17,310 new jobs filled by 2018. This represents an annual increase of 1.74 percent over the next few years.

Helpful Resources

There are many helpful resources available for those interested in careers as lot attendants. Please review the links below for valuable information and the latest industry news.

The Architecture of Parking - This book highlights the form and function of the parking garage, which have been influential, not only on contemporary architects, but also on popular culture. This book is at once a survey of the finest examples of parking garages and a presentation of exciting and innovative design.

ReThinking a Lot - The Design and Culture of Parking - Eran Ben-Joseph shares a different vision for parking's future. "Parking lots," he writes, "are ripe for transformation. After all, their design and function has not been rethought since the 1950s." With this book, Ben-Joseph pushes the parking lot into the twenty-first century.

Entrepreneur.com: Valet Parking Service - Tips on starting a valet parking service.

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