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How to Format a Senior Business Analyst Resume

Stand out from other job candidates by choosing a robust resume format appropriate for your skills and experience.

Here, we will discuss the resume formats that will get you hired. For seasoned candidates working in the industry for 10+ years, the chronological resume highlights your work history, while the functional resume is best for entry-level candidates with less than three years of experience.

Let’s break down how you can structure your resume using the correct resume format according to your career level.

Chronological Resume

Candidate A

  • 18 years in the workforce
  • 11 years at this job
  • BA English
  • MBA Business Administration

Work Experience

Senior Business Analyst, Hilton
March 2012 – Present, Addison, TX

  • Promoted to a senior business analyst for exceeding expectations; ranked among the top 10% for bonuses paid in the current review year.
  • Oversees modules of a major global project that helped to reduce regulatory compliance violations by $2 million within the first operational quarter.
  • Recognized by VPs for exceptional contributions to a critical $62 million project; third-party audit deemed the project most efficient in the company nationwide.

Functional Resume

Candidate B

  • 3 years in workforce
  • 1 year at this job
  • BS Marketing Management

Professional Skills


  • Interprets custom data into easily understandable reports for 400 clients.
  • Revises business performance metrics in collaboration with IT, which increases transparency on sales key factors.
  • Analyzes unstructured data to build customer behavior models.


  • Automates regulatory filing notifications for the international compliance team, producing significant time savings for the group.
  • Assists in resolving complex compliance issues, positioning the company to remain in a foreign market.

Senior Business Analyst Resume FAQ.

What are the responsibilities of a senior business analyst?

Senior business analysts study a company’s processes to identify opportunities and strategies to improve productivity. They are responsible for executing business strategies that ultimately lead the company to improve business efficiency.

The senior business analyst’s responsibilities include developing new strategies to optimize the company’s performance and efficiency. They also create a business analysis, outlining issues and solutions for the company,

This analysis includes budgeting and forecasting, planning and monitoring.

What are the critical skills needed to work as a senior business analyst?

The following are the 14 most crucial mix of soft, hard and technical skills to advance your career as a senior business analyst:

  1. Strategic thinking
  2. Quality control
  3. Data visualization
  4. Database proficiency
  5. Programming languages
  6. Software development
  7. Leadership
  8. Communication
  9. Problem-solving
  10. Technical understanding
  11. Business operations
  12. Client management
  13. Multitasking
  14. Teamwork