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Process Analysts, or Business Process Analysts, work with both the business departments and information technology departments in order to identify any areas that need improvement. They then design solutions to those potential problems. Duties listed on sample resumes of Process Analysts include facilitating meetings for the review committee to ensure that every comment and suggestion is recorded and implemented, and organizing and executing administrative tasks across multiple computer programs. There is not one set educational path required to become a Process Analyst, though employers do prefer a Bachelor's degree as a starting point.

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Business Process Analyst Associate

Overseeing process improvement on the Sales to Order Entry process based on my recommendations

  • Project Manager for ISO Quality Management Systems internal and external audits
  • Developed and implemented Standard Operating Procedures for root cause analysis across all business units
  • Collaborated with all business units to collect and present monthly data on financial, operational, and customer
  • Developed the process and flow for service and hardware billing on a new product for direct and indirect channels
  • Researched and presented a report on Supply Chain Operational financial ratios for [company name], competitors, and other Software As A Service firms
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Business Process Analyst/disability Adjudicator

Applied subject matter expertise of structure, operations, and current regulations of various organizations.

  • Identified and composed requirements to automate healthcare records management.
  • Supported healthcare software product implementation for management of applicant medical records.
  • Monitored and facilitated operations in accordance with federal and state regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Performed audit of operational processes and procedures to identify compliance issues.
  • Analyzed process metrics to make process improvement recommendations.
  • Responsible for compliance issue resolution and solution implementation.
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International Studies
Juris Doctor

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