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Data Analyst Resume FAQ

How do you prepare a data analyst resume?

You can make one of three effort levels to prepare a data analyst resume. Let’s break it down from the highest difficulty level.

Expert level — prepare a data analyst resume from scratch! You can write a tailored resume for each job. First, compile a master list of your professional skills and accomplishments from which to choose. Second, carefully review job openings for similar skills or requirements. Lastly, distribute your professional achievements and knowledge across five core resume sections. You can learn more about this step via our resume writing guide.

Medium level — use a resume template. Designing and formatting your resume can be as time-consuming and risky as writing your resume. We help you halve the time with professionally designed templates — visit our resume templates library to select your favorite design and then see practical examples of our templates in action to help you craft your own.

Easiest level — use an online builder! Use a professional resume creator to unlock the simplest and fastest way to submit your resume. A JobHero membership unlocks a resume and cover letter builder, dozens of professionally designed ATS-ready templates, expertly written text templates and unlimited cloud storage.

What should a data analyst put on a resume?

A data analyst should include an informative blend of soft, hard and technical skills. Here’s a list of targeted data analyst skills that hiring managers value in their applicants

  • Data Science
  • Data modeling
  • Maintaining databases
  • Data mining
  • Statistics
  • Structured query language (SQL)
  • Programming languages (Python and R)
  • Server knowledge (Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL)

You can further boost your resume with this frequently requested social and technical skills list.

What are the duties of a data analyst?

Your duties as a data analyst may vary depending on your field of interest, industry and the size of your employer. However, most data analysts perform the following duties:

  • Analyze data using statistical models and techniques
  • Implement or maintain databases
  • Structure surveys to gather data from internal and external sources
  • Analyze, identify and interpret profitable trends from the data.
  • Organize and distribute information via understandable models such as graphs and charts

What should a data analysts CV look like?

Think of a data analyst CV, or curriculum vitae, as an extended, more detailed resume. A CV has the usual resume sections (contact information, summary statement, work history, skills and education). However, this document can extend a resumes usual one- to two-page limits with additional, informative sections such as digital skills, languages or conference attendance. You can learn more about these extended sections in our CV templates article

A data analyst CV could help you showcase your data analysis skills under digital skills, your programming knowledge under languages, and your relevant knowledge from conference attendance and presentations