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Data Analyst Resume Examples

Data Analysts are employed in various industries and are responsible for collecting business data, analyzing information, and developing improvement and enhancement solutions based on their findings. Their objectives are reducing costs, pricing new products, solving issues that cause losses, and increasing employee productivity. Essential skills listed on the most successful resume samples for Data Analysts are critical thinking, attention to details, math skills, communication abilities, and computer proficiency. Areas of study displayed on Data Analyst resume examples are statistics, IT, mathematics, or business administration.

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Data Analyst Resume FAQ

How do you format a data analyst resume?

There are three resume format types: chronological, functional and combination. For most applicants, we recommend the chronological resume format, which focuses on work experience, beginning with the most recent job. Recruiters love a candidate who shows a consistent track record of stellar work in the industry of choice.

Applicants who are changing careers, entering the workforce for the first time or simply have less professional experience than the competition should consider using the functional format (also known as skills-based) or combination format (also known as hybrid). These options put more emphasis on skills and abilities rather than on experience in a workplace.

What should be included in a data analyst resume?

A data analyst’s resume should always include:

  • Your contact information in the header.
  • A short career summary that encapsulates top skills and achievements.
  • A robust list of skills, including up-to-date technical proficiencies.
  • Your work history, beginning with the most recent job.
  • Your formal education, as well as industry certifications or specialized training.

What skills should be added on a data analyst resume?

While soft skills like teamwork, communication and leadership are important for advancing your career in the field, data analysts live or die based on their hard skills.

Here are a handful of the skills data analysts need on their resumes to compete for top jobs:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Data visualization
  • Data cleaning
  • R
  • Python
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

Aspiring data analysts should always read the job descriptions closely to make sure they have captured all the skills on their resume.

How do you create a data analyst resume with no experience?

Applicants who lack work experience as a data analyst should use a functional resume format. Functional resumes, also referred to as skills-based resumes, stress the skills and abilities of the candidate. Work history is placed at the bottom of the resume if it appears at all. If you have some related experience, you may want to try a combinational resume format, which places equal weight on skills and experience.

How can a builder help you create a data analyst resume?

A resume builder is a great way to create a highly polished, professional resume very quickly. JobHero’s Resume Builder, for example, offers dozens of templates approved by professional recruiters. Meanwhile, as you make your resume, the builder will suggest skills and bullet points for your work experience section based on the jobs you’ve held. With this streamlined process, you can create a resume in a matter of minutes.

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