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Front-End Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

The company a front-end supervisor works for will determine the exact duties they carry out. Based on job listings we analyzed, their duties typically involve:

Provide Department Support Front-end supervisors support all departmental functions, from managing customer requests and resolving any issues to ensuring that all front-end processes run smoothly.

Maintain Inventory Front-end supervisors ensure that all department orders are fulfilled and that there's adequate stock and accurate retail pricing so orders go out properly and without issue.

Coordinate Team Members A key aspect of this job is ensuring that all team members are aware of their job duties and that the team runs collaboratively. Front-end supervisors inform staff of any promotions on both a regional and national level and notify them of any issues that need to be resolved that day.

Hire and Train New Employees Front-end supervisors are responsible for training new staff and making sure they're familiar with company processes, systems, and regulations.

Perform Bookkeeping Duties Front-end supervisors help manage cash drawers and bookkeeping tasks for the department, ensuring that accounts are accurate and resolving any discrepancies.


Front-End Supervisor Education and Training

The minimum requirement to become a front-end supervisor is a high school diploma, although some employers may prefer candidates with a college degree in business or a similar subject. Applicants for this role need demonstrable multitasking, leadership, and sales experience, as well as a proven ability to work well under pressure.

Front-End Supervisor Salary and Outlook

The median annual salary for front-end supervisors is $35,000, according to PayScale. Front-end supervisors in the 10th percentile earn around $23,000 annually, while the highest paid earn close to $62,000 a year. Some companies offer packages that can reach up to $4,000 in bonuses. Just over half of employers offer dental plans and medical insurance as part of their benefit packages.

Helpful Resources

We've collected some of the best resources to help you determine if this job is right for you:

The Essential Supervisor's Handbook: A Quick and Handy Guide for Any Manager or Business Owner - this guide provides expert advice for both new and experienced supervisors, with explanations, advice, and inspiration. It covers a wide variety of topics, from team leadership and the legal aspects of hiring and firing to handling workplace challenges

Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors - communication is key when working as a front-end supervisor, and this book makes it easier to manage in today's workplace. From encouraging cooperation to setting the right tone for mutual trust and respect, the text teaches supervisors how to build a more collaborative working environment

Awesome Supervisory Skills: Seven Lessons for Young, First-Time Managers - this concise and easy-to-follow guide shares must-have supervisory skills, like motivating teams and dealing with coworkers who don't enjoy their job

Workforce Management Professionals - over 19,000 people have joined this LinkedIn group for management professionals, making it an ideal place to network, learn new tricks, share knowledge, and find job opportunities

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