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Process Manager Duties and Responsibilities

So they can meet their core responsibilities of business process analysis and improvement, Process Managers complete various tasks. After analyzing several job listing, we have identified the following main duties and responsibilities that are associated with being a Process Manager.

Evaluate Existing Business Processes To complete this main duty, Process Managers break down various business processes with flowcharts, manuals and other documentation outlining current practices. They get the big picture by assembling this data and studying ways to make improvements to one or many steps to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve time management or make needed changes to other aspects of the process.

Create Documentation Outlining Process Improvements Writing documents that explain changes and how to implement them are other main duties of Process Managers. Once all data has been collected, Process Managers write step-by-step instructions on how to change processes in a way that all those involved in the process can understand.

Manage Improvement Teams and Implementation Processes Process Managers oversee the process improvement implementation process by working with managers, team members and other employees to ensure that the plan is clear and can be applied quickly and efficiently. Process Managers might often be involved in training staff in these changes.

Conduct Ongoing Analyses Once changes have been implemented, Process Managers continue to monitor and assess various processes to ensure that they are producing the desired outcomes. They will make changes to steps in each process as needed to adjust improvements to reflect better results in production, cost reduction and other targeted outcomes.

Update Department Procedures and Policies Changes made to many business processes often involve the re-writing of departmental procedures and policies and Process Managers typically assist in this area. Process Managers ensure that all employees are familiar with relevant procedural changes and oversee the training of staff and creation of documents addressing new procedures and policies.


Process Manager Skills

Analytical, communication and organizational skills are among those that are most important to Process Managers. It is essential that these managers possess strong written and oral communication abilities, as they are responsible for creating documents, interacting with managerial staff and training employees as needed. Process Managers should be detail-oriented problem-solvers who are able to employ leadership, critical thinking and time management skills and can work effectively both independently and in teams. They should be familiar with all phases of project management, able to work with people of diverse backgrounds, understand quality control concepts and develop creative and innovative ways to improve business processes. Beyond these abilities and characteristics, employers seek Process Managers with the following skills:
  • Knowledge of diverse business processes in a wide range of industries.
  • Develop and design documents including training manuals, process outlines, flowcharts and implementation procedures.
  • Monitor internal controls and make recommendations as needed.
  • Coordinate teams and train staff.
  • Reduce process errors, improve process results and save costs.

Process Manager Education and Training

Many employers request that candidates for a Process Manager position hold at least a bachelor's degree. This degree can be earned in areas of business management or administration, finance or accounting. Coursework in economics, management theory, statistics and computer science are helpful. It can be beneficial for Process Managers to hold Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Process Manager Salary

As reported by the BLS, Process Managers earn a median annual salary of $81,330, with those in the 10th percentile earning $46,560 and top earners making just over $149,000 per year. Process Managers working in Wyoming realize the highest wages of any state in the U.S. at $11,180, followed by New York at $107,620 and Massachusetts ($105,950).

Process Manager Resources

To help you further understand what Process Managers do and whether this career is right for you, we have assembled various resources focusing on the daily tasks, professional development and other aspects of this occupation. Below you will find links to books, blogs, professional organizations and more.

Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) - An international organization offering its members certification, webinars, articles and training to enhance their professional knowledge and opportunities.

BPM Institute - An online exchange for Process Managers, this resource provides webcasts, articles, online and live training, conferences and other opportunities for professionals to expand their skills and keep updated on technological tools and practices in this field. BPM Leader - A blog offering various in-depth looks at business process management practices and processes to keep current Process Managers in the know about best management methods and procedures for this occupation.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Management: Everything you need to know and how to apply it to your organization by Theodore Panagacos - Written by a consultant and expert in change management, this book outlines process tracking, performance measurement and other strategies that all Process Managers should be familiar with.

Process Mapping, Process Improvement and Process Management by Dan Madison - From redesign methods to cross-departmental practices, this book, written by an organizational consultant and containing chapters presented by guest writers, covers the tools, responsibilities and practices associated with process management.

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