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Student Nurse Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Daily job tasks for student nurse technicians differ based on the medical facility where they work and their patient caseload. However, these main job duties are the same across all facilities:

Follow Staff Instructions Student nurse technicians follow instructions from nursing staff to assist in patient care.

Assist with Administrative Functions Student nurse technicians assist intake clerks, desk clerks, and other staff members with administrative duties of all types. This includes adding notes to patient files, copying documents, and retrieving supplies from inventory areas.

Collaborate with Care Team Student nurse technicians collaborate with the patient care team to receive patient care instructions and learn more about the nursing profession.

Record Patient Statistics Student nurse technicians take patient vital signs, including heart rate and blood pressure. They then record these and other statistics – such as height, weight, appetite, and test results – in individual patient charts.

Perform Medical Tests Student nurse technicians perform and assist with performing medical tests such as EKGs.

Tend to Patients In addition to moving and positioning patients, student nurse technicians assist patients with basic care tasks such as bathing, using the bathroom, and eating. They also observe patients and make notes in patient charts regarding their general health and emotional state.


Student Nurse Technician Skills and Qualifications

Student nurse technicians are caring professionals who provide patient care and assist all hospital staff. Medical facilities hire student nurse techs who have the following skills:

  • Attention to detail – student nurse technicians must accurately and precisely record vital statistics and patient information, so employers look for detail-oriented professionals to fill this role
  • Observation skills – student nurse technicians use keen observational skills to note changes in patient condition, health, and mood
  • Communication skills – student nurse techs need good communication skills to record clear notes in patient files and receive detailed instructions from staff members. Strong interpersonal skills also help them communicate with team members and sick patients of all ages and conditions
  • Problem-solving skills – student nurse technicians need problem-solving skills to effectively manage daily patient and administrative issues
  • Physical fitness – student nurse technicians stand and walk for hours at a time and assist with lifting and moving patients and medical equipment, so a certain amount of physical ability is required

Student Nurse Technician Education and Training

Student nurse technicians must be enrolled in a nursing program with at least one semester of clinical rotations completed before they are eligible to apply for a student nurse technician job. Specific requirements for student nurses vary by state, so certain nursing school courses may be necessary. A majority of medical facilities also require student nurse technicians to have CPR or BLS (basic life support) certification, which is issued though the American Red Cross and several other government programs. Training and learning opportunities are continuously provided to student nurse technicians, who are still working toward their nursing degree or certification. As such, this is a temporary job that helps student nurse technicians advance in their chosen career path. The length of the job varies by medical facility and nursing school and is largely based on state requirements for specific types of nursing careers.


Student Nurse Technician Salary and Outlook

Career data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that nursing assistants and orderlies earn a median income of $13.23 hourly, or $27,510 annually. Nursing assistants and orderlies perform job duties very similar to those of student nurse technicians, such as providing basic patient care. The BLS estimates that jobs in this career field will increase 11 percent by 2026, a growth rate that’s faster than the national average. Benefits are not typically included with this job, which is temporary and usually conducted only through part-time work shifts. Student nurse technicians are primarily full-time students.


Helpful Resources

Consult these books and websites to find nursing jobs, career tips, work strategies, and learning resources for student nurse technicians:

National Student Nurses’ Association – the NSNA has a nursing career center with information about nursing schools, career planning guides, and other resources for all student nurses

The Student Nurse Handbook – use this handbook to study several essential nursing and study topics, such as stress management and good work planning

Nursing Licensure – find the nursing licensing requirements by state at this website designed for students pursuing a nursing career path

75 Nurse Cheat Sheets: For Students & New Grad Nurses – this book offers “cheat sheets” for all sorts of nursing school subjects to help students learn the basics of the profession, including calculations nurses need to know, tips for taking vital signs, and many other topics

American Nurses Association – find education resources, certification programs, and other training programs at this website designed for all professional nurses

Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms – learn how to memorize and pronounce medical terms of all kinds with this helpful book