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Laundry Supervisor Resume FAQ

What are the duties of a laundry supervisor?

Most laundry supervisors are responsible for the following daily duties:

  1. Supervise the work of laundry attendants.
  2. Wash, sort and fold dropped-off laundry.
  3. Oversee weekly schedules and laundromat assignments.
  4. Approve and accommodate schedules for paid-time off and leaves or absences

What should I put on my resume for a laundry supervisor position?

If you’re applying for a laundry supervisor position, your resume should include the following skills:

  • Loading and unloading change machines.
  • Troubleshooting tap-to-pay washing machines and dryers.
  • Maintaining a clean laundry area and equipment.
  • Hire and train laundry staff in proper cleaning procedures, machine maintenance and laundering standards.
  • Order and store facility maintenance supplies and equipment.
  • File and organize receipts, invoices and staff schedules for budgeting purposes.

How do you describe laundry supervision on a resume?

We created a few sample resume sections to show you how to describe your laundry management experience using key skills. Visit our resume-writing guide and professional resume examples to find additional examples of how you can showcase multiple skills across your resume.

Resume summary example: Experienced laundry facilities manager with over 14 years experience. Oversaw a well-trafficked laundromat with 36 washing machines, 24 dryers, 3 industrial-sized drums, and a weekday wash-and-fold service.

Work history sample:
Laundry Supervisor, Sudsy Stuff Laundromat
April 2021 - current, Los Angeles

  • Clean and maintain laundry equipment and sales floor to optimize the customer experience.
  • Manage, train and schedule a laundry staff of twelve over an 18-hour business day.
  • Operate the specialty wash and fold orders to ensure minimal damage or shrinkage to specialty fabrics such as linen, silk and rayon.

Sample skills section for laundromat supervisor:

  • Budget facility and staff costs.
  • Certified in laundry equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Provide warm customer service.
  • Launder according to customer requests.
  • Specialize in environmentally friendly laundering services.