Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Examples

Hotel Housekeeping Supervisors are in charge of monitoring housekeeping staff in a hospitality establishment. Their main responsibilities are maintaining stocks, ordering cleaning products, supervising housekeepers, scheduling shifts, training new employees and taking corrective actions when necessary. These professionals are also required to report to senior hotel management. Employers select resumes emphasizing housekeeping experience, leadership, organization, teamwork, budgeting skills, and communication. No formal education is required for this role, and most resume samples mention previous housekeeping or managerial experience.

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Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Success Stories


Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

Developing and managing the housekeeping staff of a large hotel is a demanding job. In performing this important work, hotel housekeeping supervisors perform a variety of core tasks, such as the following:

Assign Guest Rooms and Common Areas to Housekeeping Staff Hotel housekeeping supervisors are like a human switchboard. They create a schedule every day that shows who is assigned to clean which areas. It is updated throughout the day as guests check in and out.

Inspect Rooms and Common Areas for Cleanliness Hotel housekeeping supervisors are responsible for inspecting the work of housekeeping staff to make sure it meets hotel standards.

Hire, Train, and Discipline Housekeeping Staff Part of this job involves human resource tasks. Hotel housekeeping supervisors are responsible for sitting in on interviews with housekeeping candidates and training new staff on the hotel's specific standards and policies. It also involves disciplining underperforming or insubordinate employees.

Order Cleaning Supplies Hotel housekeeping supervisors have to regularly check supply levels to make sure the establishment never runs out of essential cleaning supplies. They also place orders for new cleaning equipment, such as vacuums, laundry machines, and carpet cleaners.

Create Employee Schedules Hotel housekeeping supervisors create employee schedules, which can be a difficult task at a large hotel with dozens of housekeeping staff to manage.

Give Regular Reports to Senior Hotel Management Hotel housekeeping supervisors keep senior hotel management in the loop on any major issues, such as room damages or extreme custodial situations.


Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor Skills

Being a successful hotel housekeeping supervisor takes a blend of custodial knowledge and leadership capabilities—a housekeeping staff is only as effective as its leader. They must take personal responsibility for the cleanliness of each guest room and lead from the front to set a good example for their staff. A strong personality and excellent communication skills are essential. Other qualities that hiring managers like to see when interviewing for hotel housekeeping supervisor positions include:
  • Evaluating potential housekeeping staff candidates and making hiring decisions with the input of senior hotel management
  • Having a strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and an obsession with cleanliness
  • Performing well in a sometimes chaotic and fast-paced environment
  • Training new housekeeping staff based on hotel policies and standard
  • Creating weekly shift schedules and daily assignment schedules
  • Disciplining or coaching employees as necessary

Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor Education and Training

Hotel housekeeping supervisors usually need entry-level housekeeping experience. They don't need any more education than a high school diploma, though many establishments prefer candidates who have at least an associate's degree in hospitality management. Hotel housekeeping supervisors learn how to be managers through on-the-job mentorship.

Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor Salary

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for hotel housekeeping supervisors is $39,153. Those at the top of the scale make $54,000, while those at the bottom make $29,000.

Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor Resources

The following list of resources was put together for those who want to further explore a career in hospitality management:

International Executive Housekeeping Association - This organization is dedicated to advancing the working conditions and career opportunities of housekeeping professionals worldwide. One of the best features it offers members is its continuing education certification programs, which include a registered

executive housekeeper and certified executive housekeeper certification. The qualifications and preparation material for these programs are listed on the website.

Hospitality Net - Hospitality Net is one of the oldest and most respected digital hospitality publications. It is updated daily with articles on all kinds of hospitality topics, including those relevant to hotel housekeeping supervisors.

Managing When No One Wants to Work: Leadership Lessons from an Executive Housekeeper - It is tough to motivate people to do work that involves cleaning toilets and soiled sheets. This book gives leadership advice that is battle-tested by an actual hotel housekeeping supervisor.

First-line Supervisor of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers Career - This technical career book gives readers a step-by-step breakdown of the skills and abilities necessary to be a hotel housekeeping supervisor.

Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors - This book is the perfect tool for supervisors wanting to improve their level of communication with their employees.

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