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Web Designers create websites and web applications based on client requirements. The average resume sample for Web Designer describes the following duties: writing code, updating websites, designing layouts, editing website content, and making adjustments based on client feedback. The most sought-after qualifications for this job are web design expertise, content management experience, multimedia programming, creativity, time management, and problem solving orientation. Eligible resumes make display of a Bachelor's Degree in software engineering or a similar field.

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Web Designer Resume FAQ

What should I put on my resume for web design?

A web design resume should include a short career summary that conveys passion for the job and true expertise. Here’s an example:

Devoted web designer with over five years of experience and a strong understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5, CSS3 and Java. Excited to bring my exceptional front-end development abilities to the retail industry. Accomplishments include increasing SEO traffic for 20+ unique websites.

Any strong web design resume should also include sections on work history, skills, education and a header for contact info.

How do I write work experience for a web designer?

Here’s how to write a work experience section on your resume:

  1. List your previous and current jobs.
  2. Write down your duties for each position.
  3. Add quantifiable achievements related to each responsibility.
  4. Cut each role’s list down to three to four of the strongest points.
  5. Rewrite the duties to match the words in the job description.

How do you describe a website on a resume?

The most successful web design resumes describe website projects based on their impact. The resume should highlight the skills used to create the website and the results it obtained. Relevant metrics could be: increased website traffic, social impact or profitability.

Here’s an example:

  • Redesigned company website to give customers more shopping options, improving the user experience and driving an 80% increase in online sales.

What are the skills required for a web designer?

Successful web designers are proficient in many skills, including:

  • Design software like Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking

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