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Additional Food Service Resume Samples


Banquet Captain Duties and Responsibilities

Daily duties vary for banquet captains depending on the number of guests dining in the banquet room and the size of the staff in need of supervision. However, the following core duties are associated with this job in most environments:

Supervise and Train Banquet Staff Banquet captains supervise all banquet staff throughout meal service and delegate tasks to them as needed. They train new staff members on how to perform their assigned tasks in the banquet, food preparation, and dining areas. Banquet captains also hold team meetings to provide updates on policy or service changes, and they manage any staff problems that occur, defusing situations as quickly as possible.

Oversee Setup Banquet captains oversee banquet room setup, directing staff on where to place table settings, centerpieces, and other table decorations.

Maintain Stock Banquet captains ensure that banquet room stock is fully supplied at all times, including food. They alert staff when supplies are running low so they can be replenished from inventory storage.

Follow All Sanitary Regulations Banquet captains follow all sanitary laws and regulations, as well as company policies, regarding proper cleaning and safe food handling. They also ensure that all staff follow these regulations and that all dining and banquet areas are clean and organized at all times.

Follow Liquor Liability Laws Banquet captains follow all state and federal laws in regards to serving liquor, and stop serving patrons as necessary. This includes ensuring that everyone served alcohol is of legal age to drink it.

Respond to Customers Banquet captains respond to customer complaints, questions, and compliments.


Banquet Captain Skills and Qualifications

Banquet captains serve diners and supervise all staff members to ensure that company regulations and all local, state, and federal laws are strictly followed at all times. Employers hire banquet captains who have all the following skills:
  • Physical fitness - banquet captains stand and walk for hours at a time and may assist with lifting heavy items, which requires strength and stamina
  • Leadership skills - banquet captains assume responsibility for banquet meal service and supervise staff members, so employers seek professionals with noted leadership abilities
  • Customer service - banquet captains interact with customers and use customer service skills to ensure all guests are enjoying the banquet
  • Communication skills - banquet captains host staff meetings and assign work duties, which requires excellent verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail - banquet captains are responsible for keeping banquet and dining room areas stocked and clean, tasks that require excellent attention to detail

Banquet Captain Education and Training

Employers require banquet captains to have, at minimum, a high school diploma or GED, though a college degree in restaurant management or hospitality is preferred. Employers also look for banquet captains who have past experience in the food and beverage industry. Once hired, banquet captains traditionally go through a training period during which they learn how to uphold company policies and food service standards. This training period varies by employer and may last for several weeks. During training, banquet captains work closely with the banquet manager.

Banquet Captain Salary and Outlook

Food service managers earn $52,030 in median annual income, or $25.02 hourly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Food service managers typically maintain the daily operations of restaurants and eating establishments. They perform many of the same duties as banquet captains, who earn a median hourly income of $12.84, according to data provided by PayScale. The BLS expects employment in this field to increase 9 percent through 2026. Full-time banquet captains generally receive full benefit packages that include health insurance with medical, dental, and vision coverage. Disability insurance is usually provided, and retirement plans are commonly offered.

Helpful Resources

Use these helpful resources to find job openings and learn more about the daily duties banquet captains perform:

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Banquet Management - learn how to excel at banquet management with the tips in this book, which covers important topics that all banquet captains need to know to succeed

Choose Restaurants - find a restaurant career with this website, which provides job listings, information about learning programs, and content geared toward restaurant professionals

Dining Room and Banquet Management - find out how to provide excellent service and use management skills in a banquet setting with this book written for banquet captains and similar professionals American Restaurant Association - learn more about the restaurant food supply chain at the ARA website, which provides useful price research tools, forecasting tools, and more information for professionals in the restaurant industry

Remarkable Banquet Service - provide excellent banquet service, keep guests happy, and keep staff working effectively with the in-depth tips and strategies provided in this book. It covers everything banquet captains need to know, from setting up the buffet to clearing tables

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