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Event Manager Resume FAQ

How do you put an event plan on a resume?

You can describe a single event plan the same way you would describe a typical job on a resume. For example, you could format a fundraising event plan the following way:

Event Coordinator, Hospital Fundraising Event

May 2021 - August 2021

  • Provided a venue, food, beverage and auction prizes on a budget of $40k.
  • Established strong lines of communication with the nonprofit hospital and four fundraising subcommittees to accurately execute a theme and vision.
  • Managed a guest list and accomplished an 83% invitation acceptance rate.
  • The event and auction resulted in a donation amount of $430k.

You can further support the information on your resume by providing an event portfolio with images of the vision boards, invitations and final events.

How do I describe my event planning skills on my resume?

We’ll provide a list of practical event planning skills below, but there are multiple methods to describe your event planning skills:

  • Resume objective: This opening statement is your first chance to impress a hiring manager professionally by showcasing your top two to three skills that demonstrate your event knowledge or experience.
  • Skills section: If you’re writing a hybrid or chronological resume, list up to 10 skills you haven't mentioned in your objective statement or work history. If you’re writing a functional resume, your document must include multiple skills sections, each one following a different formatting style and objective.
  • Work history: Your former work experience is the most strategic place to describe your event planning skills. You can break down various tasks and accomplishments related to budget management, venue selection, contract negotiation or catering management under each event role.

What are event planner skills?

Event planner skills can vary from technical skills related to event management knowledge to soft skills related to communication and teamwork. Your resume can include the following event planning skills:

  • Event management
  • Organizational software
  • Venue connections and exclusive partnerships
  • On-site event coordination
  • Budget management
  • Catering connections
  • Collaborative skills
  • Communication skills
  • Team management
  • Outsourcing management skils