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Electrical Maintenance Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Electrical maintenance engineers have many varied job duties based on how extensive the hiring company's electrical systems and related equipment are. These basic core duties, however, are universal across all industries and work environments:

Perform Scheduled Maintenance Electrical maintenance engineers perform scheduled maintenance and preventative repairs on all electrical systems, equipment, and machinery. People in this profession also review maintenance schedules and adjust them as necessary to keep systems functioning at peak levels.

Repair Electrical Systems Electrical maintenance engineers act quickly to make on-the-spot repairs when electrical systems and machinery malfunction.

Troubleshoot Malfunctions The electrical maintenance engineer in charge of any electrical system must make inspections and assess potential problems. These professionals also recommend changes or upgrades to electrical systems to increase productivity and functionality.

Supervise Electrical Technicians Electrical maintenance engineers are responsible for supervising electrical technicians, which includes hiring and training new technician team members.

Test Electronics Electrical maintenance engineers perform regular tests to new and existing electrical systems, equipment, and machinery, both to spot potential problems and to ensure that systems are operating at their highest possible levels of functionality.


Electrical Maintenance Engineer Skills and Qualifications

Electrical maintenance engineers are professionals with a high degree of mechanical skill who can successfully manage others and also work independently to solve problems with electrical systems. Hiring companies seek out electrical maintenance engineers who have the following qualifications:
  • Leadership skills - electrical maintenance engineers have leadership skills that allow them to supervise themselves and others by managing their own time well, doling out tasks to staff members, and making tough hiring and firing decisions when necessary
  • Physical stamina - in a normal workday, electrical maintenance engineers must lift heavy equipment and work in uncomfortable positions and places, such as high areas and confined spaces, which requires the physical ability to carry out these tasks
  • Computer skills - electrical maintenance engineers have a basic grasp of computer skills in order to work with their own equipment and tools and to perform tests on electrical systems of all types
  • Communication skills - electrical maintenance engineers consult with other staff members on ways to meet project and equipment goals, alert supervisors to potential problems or needed upgrades with electrical systems, and supervise other staff members, all of which requires strong communication skills
  • Attention to detail - electrical maintenance engineers spot and isolate potential problems with systems, so they are highly detail-oriented and have keen observation skills

Electrical Maintenance Engineer Education and Training

Hiring companies require electrical maintenance engineers to have a high school diploma or equivalent, at minimum, to obtain this job. However, many employers require additional education as well. Electrical maintenance engineers who display past training in the electrical field, either through a work-based apprenticeship or vocational training in a school setting, have a better chance of being hired. Professionals with an associate's degree or better in electrical engineering will also stand out to employers, compared to those who have received less education. Electrical maintenance engineers who have received less schooling or training will go through a more extensive on-the-job training program than those who have obtained a degree or an electrician certification. New electrical maintenance engineers are closely supervised by lead engineers or more experienced electrical maintenance engineers during this training period, which varies from a few weeks to several months depending on the hiring company.

Electrical Maintenance Engineer Salary and Outlook

Electrical and electronics installers and repairers, who perform many of the same job duties as electrical maintenance engineers, earn a median annual salary of $55,920, according to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS projects 1 percent job growth for this career field, which is slower than the average national job growth rate. A majority of hiring companies offer complete benefits to electrical maintenance engineers. The benefits package typically includes vision, dental, and health insurance coverage, as well as retirement benefits, workers compensation coverage, and life insurance. Electrical maintenance engineers also receive paid vacation days and sick leave.

Helpful Resources

Use the tools and resources available at these websites, and read the information in these books, to learn how to become a successful electrical maintenance engineer and advance in this career field:

Association for Facilities Engineering - find certification and training programs, available classes, webinars, and other educational resources for electrical maintenance engineers and other engineering professionals at the AFE website. The site also offers extensive community resources, including an events calendar and a marketplace where items and books can be purchased

Electrical Safety Handbook, 4th Edition - this handbook contains every major electrical safety standard that professional electrical maintenance engineers need to know, and also provides an in-depth look at electrical hazards (and how to prevent them), using electrical safety equipment, and other essential safety procedures

The Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades - look for career opportunities, training and apprenticeship programs, and continuing education courses at the AEMT website, which also provides in-depth technical documents and information for professionals in electrical and mechanical careers of all types

Operating, Testing, and Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Power Apparatus - electrical maintenance engineers learn how to test and operate electrical equipment of all kinds with this book, which also covers methods for performing preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and making emergency repairs to electrical systems

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