Kitchen Helper Resume Examples

Kitchen Helpers are primarily responsible for keeping a restaurant's kitchen clean, as well as assisting in food preparation. Duties highlighted on example resumes of Kitchen Helpers include preparing ingredients for the cook, making sure ingredients and supplies were well stocked, and cleaning the kitchen after each day's shift. There are no college majors or specific educational backgrounds that need to be listed on the resumes of candidates who are applying for a Kitchen Helper position.

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Kitchen Helper Resume FAQ

How do you describe a kitchen helper on a resume?

A kitchen helper’s role could be described as someone who helps prepare food and cleans and manages the dining area. They must follow all food safety guidelines, restock kitchen supplies and wash dishes. In some kitchens, helpers may be in charge of seasoning food and washing, peeling and seeding veggies for the cooks.

What are a kitchen helpers duties and responsibilities?

A kitchen helper’s primary responsibility is to support the kitchen staff in preparing meals for customers. They must ensure the kitchen is stocked and all food items are prepared correctly. From washing vegetables to temping meat, the kitchen helper’s tasks are crucial in ensuring restaurant guests have an excellent experience. Those with a working knowledge of food storage guidelines would be well-suited for the role.

What are the skills of a kitchen helper?

The essential skills and abilities of a kitchen helper are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Basic cleaning and maintenance
  • Time management
  • Food safety knowledge
  • Inventory checks

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