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Spa Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

The specific tasks performed by spa attendants vary per employer. However, we analyzed job listings for this position to identify the following core duties and responsibilities:

Maintain Spa Cleanliness To ensure a pleasant experience for customers, spa attendants frequently inspect and clean facility areas, especially the lobby and treatment rooms. In addition, they help massage therapists and aestheticians prepare for sessions and replenish supplies such as bathrobes and linens in between treatments.

Manage Inventory It's important for spas to have a well-managed inventory, with a steady supply of blankets, massage oils, and other materials used by clients. Spa attendants monitor the inventory carefully, creating logs and assisting with supply procurement as well as checking for equipment that requires repair.

Assist Customers Since spa attendants often work behind the front desk, they are among the first staff members that customers talk to, and they should provide friendly, professional assistance. This entails providing information about the spa, addressing inquiries and complaints, and directing customers toward amenities.

Contribute to Sales Spa attendants contribute to sales and marketing by introducing customers to spa products, services, and treatment packages. They may make recommendations based on the customer's history or professed needs, hold live demonstrations, and offer samples.

Perform Administrative Tasks Similar to receptionists, spa attendants perform various administrative tasks. The most common are booking and confirming client appointments, answering calls, entering client information into the spa's database system, collecting payments, and purchasing items for inventory.


Spa Attendant Skills and Qualifications

Spa attendants are efficient and reliable, possessing high attention to detail along with excellent interpersonal skills for communicating with customers. Other qualities and skills that employers appreciate include:
  • Customer service - ideally, spa attendants have a strong customer service orientation. They listen well to customers, respond to requests and questions, and strive to facilitate convenient, high-quality spa treatments
  • Cleaning skills - cleanliness is essential to spas, where people go to quiet down and relax. Spa attendants must be familiar with several cleaning techniques if they are to sanitize rooms, replace used linens, and remove clutter efficiently
  • Multitasking - spa attendants handle a diverse range of duties in their everyday work. Because much of these tasks depend on customers and treatment schedules for timing, spa attendants must fluidly switch between tasks and adapt to changing situations
  • Physical fitness - this is a physically active job that involves walking around the facility, picking up and transporting items, and sweeping or scrubbing, so spa attendants must be comfortable working on their feet
  • Data entry - because spa attendants record customer details and appointment schedules, it's crucial that they log data accurately and quickly, as mistakes can be costly for the spa

Spa Attendant Education and Training

There are no minimum education requirements for spa attendants, but they typically have at least a high school diploma or a GED. Although most employers offer on-the-job training that explains spa fundamentals, such as services offered and operation protocols, it's preferable for spa attendants to have at least one year of experience in customer service, hospitality, or the spa industry. Likewise, candidates with certification in wellness or cosmetology are at an advantage.

Spa Attendant Salary and Outlook

PayScale reports that spa attendants have a median hourly salary of $11.75. Spa attendants in the lowest 10 percent of earners make around $9 an hour, while those in the top 10 percent earn as much as $16. This correlates to an annual salary range of $18,000 to $36,000. On top of their base salary, they receive tips from customers, and attendants at spas that cater to a more high-end market may receive benefits. Employment for this role is likely to grow over the years. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) points out, demand for massage services are increasing and both companies and individuals are placing greater priority on wellness.

Helpful Resources

These helpful resources can help you get started working as a spa attendant:

International SPA Association - ISPA is the leading organization for individuals and facilities in the health and wellness industry. Its website offers a rich collection of educational content, including industry studies, information about best practices, webinars, and courses

SPA: A Comprehensive Introduction - this book provides a well-rounded overview of the spa business, introducing readers to potential careers and delving into its history, background, and future direction

American Spa - considered a major industry authority and publication, this monthly print magazine focuses on spa trends, treatment and product reviews, research studies, and practical tips. Alternatively, check out its website for free articles or to subscribe to its email newsletter

Getting Great Spa: On the Road to Wellness - written by a spa consultant and a wellness coach, this book is a friendly, informative guide to the spa industry from an insider perspective. Spa attendants can consult this text to better understand the essence of the spa experience as well as to learn about basic spa types and treatments

Spa Industry Association - join this free wellness-centric community and explore its extensive library of industry reports, news updates, magazines, and curated links. It holds more than 20 trade shows every year alongside business-building programs and other networking events

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