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Nail Technicians provide manicure services to their customers and perform activities like assessing client needs, discussing requirements, shaping and smoothing nails, removing and applying nail polish, shaping artificial nails, and collecting payments. A strong sample resume for Nail Technician highlights assets like manicure expertise, an eye for detail, creativity, and the ability to comply with safety and health guidelines. Good interpersonal and communication skills represent an advantage. Cosmetology certification and a high school diploma are commonly seen on Nail Technician resumes.

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Nail Technician Duties and Responsibilities

To accomplish their primary goal of providing nail care treatments, Nail Technicians perform many tasks. We analyzed several job listings to identify these core Nail Technician duties and responsibilities.

Provide Manicures and Pedicures Nail Technicians provide individualized nail services and treatments to clients, including manicures and pedicures. They remove previously applied nail polish, shape and smooth the ends of nails, clean the nails, soften, push back and trim nail cuticles, and apply polish onto nails. They may also apply artificial nails or paint designs onto nails.

Maintain Sanitary Workstation Nail Technicians are responsible for maintaining a safe and sanitary work environment. They must uphold strict standards of sanitation and sterilization as directed by law and established policies and procedures.

Build Customer Relationships Nail Technicians work to ensure their guests are satisfied, so that they will become repeat customers. They work to build a relationship with customers and guide them toward other services or products they offer.

Nail Technician Skills Successful Nail Technicians are creative and artistic, with a very strong eye for detail. They work carefully and take pride in meeting customer expectations. They also have good interpersonal skills and can carry on a conversation with anyone. In addition to these general skills and personality traits, employers are looking for Nail Technician candidates with the following skills.

Core skills: Based on job listings we looked at, employers want Nail Technicians with these core skills. If you want to work as a Nail Technician, focus on the following.

  • Current state manicurist or cosmetology license
  • Basic computer skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Basic math skills with ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule
  • Up-to-date knowledge of cosmetology trends and skills

Advanced skills: While most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings included them as preferred. Add these to your Nail Technician toolbox and broaden your career options.

  • Previous salon experience
  • Customer service, hospitality or retail sales experience
  • Comfortable with product recommendation

Nail Technician Resources

We searched the Web to find the best industry resources to help you continue exploring a career as a Nail Technician. From thought leaders to industry groups, this list is packed with opportunities to learn, connect and engage. On the Web

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At Your Fingertips - The Nail Technician's Companion - With tons of gorgeous photographs, this is an in-depth guide to nail procedures with good background information.

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