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Concrete Foreman Duties and Responsibilities

While a concrete foreman’s day-to-day duties and responsibilities are determined by where they work, there are many core tasks associated with the role. Based on our analysis of job listings, these include:

Manage Construction Projects Concrete foremen oversee concrete construction projects from preparation to completion. This requires breaking the project into different stages, planning the people and resources needed for each stage, and handling any problems that could affect the project’s quality and completion time.

Follow Blueprints and Drawings Whether they’re building concrete walls, sidewalks, or a full building, concrete foremen use blueprints and drawings to plan and execute each step of the project. This documentation also helps them troubleshoot problems when laying concrete to ensure a stable structure.

Supervise and Assist Crew Members Assigning tasks to construction crew members and supervising their work are important aspects of the job. Beyond providing supervision, concrete foremen often obtain materials, lift heavy items, and load the work truck to help crew members.

Prepare and Install Concrete Concrete foremen measure and mix concrete in the proper quantities for the project. They use power and hand tools to pour the concrete onto the surface, finish it, and seal it.

Complete Daily Reports and Documentation This management role requires concrete foremen to keep records of all time worked and materials used. Concrete foremen also create work schedules and project documents they share with team members and other managers.


Concrete Foreman Skills and Qualifications

Concrete foremen should have experience laying concrete and working on a construction team to complete complex projects. They also need leadership skills and an understanding of building codes and safety protocols. Employers usually prefer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree related to construction and at least three years of work experience. They also look for candidates with the following skills:

  • Construction management – concrete foremen understand all stages of managing a construction project, whether they’re setting up contracts, assigning staff, planning the project’s phases, or signing off with the customer
  • Concrete installation – this role requires knowing how to prepare, pour, lay, and finish concrete using the proper tools
  • Forecasting and estimation – whether they’re estimating materials needed or providing an expected completion date to the client, concrete foremen are skilled estimators and understand the factors that affect project completion
  • People management – concrete foremen assign work and supervise other construction workers involved in the concrete installation process. This requires knowing how to motivate others and handle conflicts among workers
  • Analytical thinking – analyzing blueprints and ensuring a project meets all specifications requires critical thinking. When the project schedule goes off track, concrete foremen must analyze how to rearrange activities or add resources to prevent delays

Concrete Foreman Education and Training

Employers may hire concrete foremen with just a high school diploma if they’ve worked for several years in construction and have the skills to assist with and lead construction projects. Some employers do prefer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in construction management or construction science. Such programs have courses covering how to estimate costs and materials, manage projects, follow building codes, and handle contracts. Some concrete foremen opt to prove their skills with professional certification through the American Institute of Constructors or the Construction Management Association of America.


Concrete Foreman Salary and Outlook

Construction managers, including concrete foremen, earn a median yearly salary of $91,370, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Concrete foremen in the 10th percentile make around $55,000, while the highest paid make more than $159,000 a year. Employers often provide concrete foremen with retirement plans, health insurance, and vacation benefits. Some also offer allowances for a company vehicle and gasoline.


Helpful Resources

Ready to start working as a concrete foreman? Check out these resources to learn more about this career and connect with other construction industry professionals:

American Institute of Construction – this professional organization offers certification programs and continuing education courses for construction managers. Members receive subscriptions to industry newsletters and journals and can participate in networking events with other construction professionals

Construction Project Manager’s Pocket Book – this career guide from Duncan Cartlidge offers advice on topics such as preparing to manage construction projects, leading people, procuring materials, and writing documentation. It also gives a good overview of the construction process and tips for each step

Construction Management Association of America – construction professionals can join this organization to take online and in-person courses, attend conferences and trade shows, earn certification, and access white papers about developments in the field

Construction Management JumpStart: The Best First Step Toward a Career in Construction Management – this all-in-one resource introduces readers to the construction industry and offers tips for finding work as a construction manager. It also provides a walkthrough of each stage of a construction project with advice on ensuring safety, efficiency, and high performance during the project lifecycle