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Ux Developers create software and websites that focus on providing an excellent user experience. Those interested in an Ux Developer position should be able to complete the following duties: determining client needs, creating the organizational structure, writing code, running tests, identifying bugs, listening to client feedback, and collaborating with other programmers. Resume samples for Ux Developer highlight skills like programming expertise, user experience focus, creativity, problem solving, detail orientation, flexibility, and time management. Employers choose resumes displaying a degree in computer science or software engineering.

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UX Developer Duties and Responsibilities

The daily responsibilities required of UX developers vary depending on the web applications they're designing and the size of the design team they collaborate with. However, some core duties include:

Meet with Clients UX developers meet with clients to find out what they want from their web applications and online projects, especially regarding user interface and experience.

Present Ideas and Plans UX developers present web design plans and UI layout ideas to clients.

Develop Web Applications and Pages UX developers create various web applications using code and visual design skills. They also design and create user interface layouts and web pages aimed at maximizing the user experience.

Perform Tests UX developers perform usability tests and analyze the results to gauge the consumer's experience when using web applications and online programs.

Analyze Data UX developers analyze user data to evaluate user interfaces for existing applications and web pages and to identify areas needing improvement.


UX Developer Skills and Qualifications

UX developers design and build web pages and applications, analyzing user interfaces and integrating user-friendly features into every design. Employers seek UX developers who have all the following skills:
  • Coding - UX developers write code using multiple web development languages, primarily HTML, Flash, CSS, and Java
  • Analytical thinking - UX developers test and analyze web applications and user data, which requires strong analytical skills
  • Communication skills - UX developers use verbal communication skills to give presentations, interact with clients, and collaborate with the rest of the design team
  • Graphic design - UX developers use design skills and various design programs, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, to create visually pleasing graphic designs for web applications and pages
  • Customer service - because UX developers create web pages and applications meant to maximize the user experience, customer service skills are an essential part of the job

UX Developer Education and Training

Companies seek UX developers who have a bachelor's degree in information design, communication design, multimedia design, or a similar field. Candidates who have a master's degree stand out above other applicants, though this is not usually a requirement. Many employers also ask UX developers to provide a portfolio showcasing their past work and may consider this over formal education when evaluating candidates. Little training is provided to UX developers, who already have the coding and design skills needed to create web pages and applications. UX developers often begin performing their duties immediately.

UX Developer Salary and Outlook

Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that web developers earn $67,900 in median annual income, or $32.69 per hour. Industry employment is expected to grow 15 percent through 2026, which is much faster than the national average. Web developers design and create websites and are responsible for their technical and visual aspects. Their daily duties are very similar to those performed by UX developers, who earn $72,461 annually, per data from PayScale. A majority of employers provide complete benefit packages to full-time UX developers that include paid vacation days, sick leave, and holidays. These packages often include health, dental, and vision insurance coverage, along with life insurance and retirement benefits. UX developers who work for themselves as independent contractors receive no benefits, as they are hired on a per-project basis by multiple temporary employers. UX developers who work as independent contractors are responsible for their own insurance and vacation needs.

Helpful Resources

These resources designed for UX developers provide job listings, research tools, training courses, and helpful professional tips and techniques:

User Experience Professionals Association - this website designed for all UX developers and professionals provides job listings, training events, research tools, and other professional career advancement resources

Interaction Design Foundation - visit this website to find training courses, UX design articles, and professional networking opportunities for UX developers and designers

Hands-On UX/UI Design for Developers: Creating Compelling Experiences from UX to UI - learn everything UX developers need to know from this hands-on guide that provides tips on building portfolios, using common UX tools, creating user interfaces, and other helpful workplace strategies

User Experience - this online magazine provides up-to-date content and helpful design tips and techniques for UX developers and designers

The Joy of UX: User Experience and Interactive Design for Developers - this book contains concrete UX development examples and provides tips and techniques for designing a great user experience

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