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Babysitters are specialists responsible for tasks related to child care. Common Babysitter duties listed on the most successful sample resumes include ensuring a safe environment, preparing and giving meals, bathing and dressing children, administering medicine, doing housework, and disciplining children when necessary. Based on our collection of example resumes, essential Babysitter skills are childhood education training, the physical ability to take care of children, patience, organization, and good English skills. Most babysitters hold a high school diploma.

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Babysitter Resume FAQ

How do I describe a babysitter on a resume?

Common babysitter duties listed on the most successful sample resumes include ensuring a safe environment, preparing and giving meals, bathing and dressing children, administering medicine, doing housework and disciplining children when necessary.

When describing your role, use action words like "care," "create," "manage" and other descriptive words in conjunction with your skills and qualifications. Also, include three to five bullet points that explain specifically what you did in your babysitting role or roles.

If your resume doesn't have one already, add a "Certifications" or an “Additional Qualifications” section to include any qualifications or certifications that relate to the job you're applying to but don't fit neatly in the experience section of your resume. Consider items like a CPR certification and language fluency.

What is a good job description for a babysitter?

Babysitters specialize in looking after children of all ages. Their job is to watch over a child or group of children and create a safe environment. They prepare schedules and activities such as crafts, games or lessons to help keep the child’s interest and help the children’s developmental level. They provide the first response in case of an accident and keep the children happy and entertained.

Babysitters also help with homework and tutoring as needed. When caring for infants, tasks include feeding, diapering and dressing.

Does babysitting count on a resume?

Babysitting can definitely be considered a work experience for any type of resume or job application. Babysitting is a way to demonstrate responsibility and a willingness to work, as well as self-management skills.

It counts as work experience that requires a high level of responsibility, communication and task management.

Another benefit of adding babysitting to your resume is that it helps to fill any employment gaps you might have due to going to school or any other reason. You can also use the parents as references, which is a significant benefit if you don't have former employers.

What are some babysitting skills?

Working as a babysitter gives you many opportunities to learn life skills and grow. Here are the top most valuable skills you can gain from babysitting:

  • Stamina
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication and relationship building
  • Multitasking
  • Time management and scheduling
  • Self-reliance
  • Confidence

As a babysitter, you often have to work with energetic children, so physical stamina and attentive listening are key.

What to write when applying for babysitting?

Follow these steps when applying for a babysitting job:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Provide relevant experience and training such as CPR.
  • Convey your passion for working with children.
  • Give an example of activities you bring.
  • Describe yourself with a personal detail or two.
  • Speak about your availability.
  • Offer to provide references.

Here’s an example:
I am writing to express my interest in being a babysitter. With over three years of experience watching children ranging from 6 months old to 14 years old, I am confident in my ability to take great care of children. I am certified in CPR and first aid and can provide at least five references of families that I have babysat for the past years.

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