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Personal Banker Duties and Responsibilities

No two personal bankers are exactly alike, as specific skills vary from employer to employer. However, after analyzing online job postings, we identified several core duties and responsibilities common to the job:

Explain Banking Products Personal bankers meet with new and existing customers to discuss types of accounts, CDs, and other banking vehicles, such as money orders, savings bonds, and cashier's checks. They discuss bank policies and procedures and any changes affecting policies and procedures, answer customer questions over the phone, and make recommendations about the best products for a customer's particular needs.

Open and Close Accounts In this role, personal bankers prepare all necessary documentation to open or close accounts, enter client information into the computer, obtain signatures, assign account numbers, and make deposits or withdrawals. They also issue debit cards and handle wire transfers.

Process Banking Documents It usually falls to personal bankers to process all documentation relating to banking accounts and products. Personal bankers process applications for credit cards and safe deposit boxes as well as consumer loans and CDs. They also process direct deposit paperwork.

Perform Teller Duties Personal bankers often act as backups to tellers. They process banking deposits or withdrawals, cash checks, balance cash drawers, record banking transactions, and verify account details upon customer request.


Personal Banker Skills and Qualifications

Can you provide excellent customer service? Are you good at math? Do you possess strong computer skills? These are some of the essential abilities personal bankers must display. After reviewing several job postings, we found that employers typically look for candidates with the following skills:
  • Computer skills - in addition to specific banking databases and software programs, personal bankers should have working knowledge of Microsoft applications such as Word and Outlook
  • Data entry - personal bankers should be able to quickly and accurately enter customer and account information into the computer as needed
  • Salesmanship - personal bankers are part salesperson, as they seek to build new business through the thorough description and benefits of various banking products and programs
  • Customer service - from answering questions to providing the right banking products, personal bankers should consistently deliver a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Self-motivation - personal bankers must seek new business, process documents, and open accounts with little or no supervision
  • Attention to detail - personal bankers need to accurately enter customer details and account numbers to obtain necessary information
  • Communication skills - strong verbal communication skills are essential, as personal bankers must clearly describe bank products and policies
  • Organization skills - maintaining and managing various customers' accounts calls for exceptional organization skills

Personal Banker Education and Training

While some employers require only a high school diploma or equivalent, it can be helpful to hold a bachelor's degree in finance or business administration before entering this field. Courses in accounting and economics as well as finance are important to prepare for this career. Advancement in the field could require one to possess a master's degree in business administration. A thorough understanding of banking rules and regulations is typically required. On-the-job training consists of personal bankers becoming familiar with the specific programs and accounts their bank or firm offers.

Personal Banker Salary and Outlook

PayScale reports that the median hourly wage for personal bankers across the US is $15.99. Bonuses and overtime could drive that salary closer to $20.00 per hour. Large banks and financial services companies usually pay the highest salaries for personal bankers. Those who work in this position for 20 or more years can make a salary of about $40,000 per year. Many jobs in the financial services field, such as personal banker, personal financial advisor, and securities, commodities, and financial service agents, are expected to see a 6 to 15 percent increase through 2026. The ongoing need for financial planning and investing for an aging population is believed to play a major role in this expected growth rate.

Helpful Resources

Want to bank on a career as a personal banker? If you've decided that this is the career for you, learn more about it by examining the resources provided below:

American Bankers Association - from financial regulatory information to online compliance training courses, the ABA is a great resource for personal bankers and other professionals. You can attend conferences, communicate with other professionals, and so much more

Your Way into the Bank: How to Start as a Teller and Work Your Way Up to Become a Personal Banker - use this short guide to get tips and strategies for getting started in the banking industry and learn what you need to do to land a job as a personal banker

American Banker - what's happening in the world of banking? American Banker is a digital publication that gives you insight into regulatory news, technologies, and more

Banking.com - get tips for delivering outstanding customer service, review emerging banking technologies, learn how to respond to customer demands - all that and so much more is explored in the articles and posts you'll find on this extensive site

American Banker Financial Podcasts - access these podcasts to hear interviews with banking professionals about digital technologies, mobile banking, voice banking, and other customer-oriented offerings that personal bankers should be familiar with

Relationship Calling for Bankers - another slim volume, this book explores the strategies you can use as a personal banker to build relationships with existing customers, attract new customers to your bank, and use customer service and satisfaction skills to your advantage

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