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Data Entry Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

Date entry supervisors work in a variety of industries. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary, but there are several core tasks associated with the job, including:

Train Employees Data entry supervisors train employees and ensure that they know the specific functions of their position. They answer questions as necessary and walk them through different processes.

Identify Errors in Data Keeping an eye out for mistakes, data entry supervisors correct grammar and spelling. They also make sure contact information is correct and that vital information is not missing. When information is missing, they conduct research to find it.

Assign Work and Supervise Employees Data entry supervisors assign work to personnel and direct activities. They supervise staff and make sure that there is continuous workflow.

Evaluate Performance Working with staff, data entry supervisors evaluate performance and offer feedback. They look for ways to improve efficiency within their team and offer guidance in handling issues or difficulties.

Communicate Policies to Employees Data entry supervisors ensure that their staff understands the policies and regulations of the company, making sure these policies are followed.


Data Entry Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Coordinating work with employees, data entry supervisors have a strong sense of teamwork. They work efficiently in high-volume and fast-paced environments. Employers typically look for those with two to three years of experience in addition to the following skills:
  • Leadership skills - data entry supervisors are comfortable managing others and overseeing their work
  • Date entry experience - to understand the data entry process, entering information and ensuring accuracy and organization
  • Fast typing - typing speeds should be above 50 words per minute
  • Time management skills - to manage large volumes of work in a timely manner and to prioritize their time to meet deadlines
  • Computer proficiency - to perform data entry tasks using spreadsheets, databases, and word processors

Data Entry Supervisor Education and Training

Although there is no minimum education requirement to be a data entry supervisor, many employers prefer those with a bachelor's degree. Employers also seek candidates with two to three years of experience. Data entry supervisors are expected to have experience working with data entry, but on-the-job-training is typically provided to introduce them to company-specific procedures and processes.

Data Entry Supervisor Salary and Outlook

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for data entry supervisors is $37,000. On the low end, data entry supervisors make below $30,000; on the high end, data entry supervisors make over $47,000. Full-time data entry supervisors employed by large companies typically receive benefits, such as bonuses based on company or individual performance, retirement plan options, health insurance, paid vacations, and sick days.

Helpful Resources

Do you want to find out more about data entry supervisors? Here is a list of resources for further reading:

Data Entry - Published by Cengage Learning, this book introduces readers to the essentials of data entry and aims to develop speed and accuracy in entering both alphabetic and numeric data. The book explains how to increase keystroke frequency to efficiently perform data entry and contains activities in the back to practice developing keystrokes.

Invensis Data Processing Blog - This blog contains articles useful to those working in data entry or data processing. Topics covered include data cleansing, data entry software, and best practices for data entry.

Management - Data entry supervisors manage their team of data entry employees. This book, by Alan Anderson, explores the skills that leaders need to manage teams. It teaches how to communicate effectively, identify strengths and weaknesses, manage conflict resolution, and develop coaching skills.

Chris Brady's Leadership Blog - Strong leadership skills are necessary for data entry supervisors. This blog showcases wise tips for effectively leading a team. Advice featured on this page includes taking initiative, developing culture and values, planning effectively, and setting goals.

Data Entry Made Easy - This article on the Microsoft Office website details techniques and tricks to make data entry easier. These tips also make it easier to view and edit data in Microsoft Excel. Excel is widely used by data entry supervisors; these autocomplete controls make it easier to use the software.

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