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Counter People are the first point of contact between retail or hospitality organizations and their customers. Essential job duties of a Counter Person are greeting customers, answering to inquiries, keeping the counter clean and organized, taking phone calls, managing inventories, collecting payments, helping warehouse staff, stocking shelves, performing bookkeeping activities, and informing customers on special offers. Resume samples in the field mention skills like selling abilities, customer service, effective communication, good numeracy skills, computer literacy, and organization. Successful candidates should be able to showcase at least a high school diploma in their resumes.

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Counter Person Resume Success Stories


Counter Person Duties and Responsibilities

Most counter people have similar duties and responsibilities, though they may look different depending on the industry in which they work. For the most part, counter people can expect to perform these duties:

Serve Customers Counter people serve the customers that come into the shop. They take orders and provide assistance quickly so as to keep queues at a minimum. Counter people also answer questions about the menu or product.

Clean the Store During slow times when there are no customers in line, counter people clean the store and sitting area, if applicable. They are constantly on the lookout for messes that need to be cleaned up, cleaning them quickly so customers have a positive experience while in the store.

Resolve Customer Problems Sometimes customers have problems with their food order or the product they purchased. Counter people are usually the first point of contact. They listen to the customer to determine the problem and do everything in their power to resolve the problem before bringing it to the management.

Stock Supplies Counter people keep all the supplies that customers use stocked and available. They identify when stock is running low, filling empty spaces as soon as possible.

Manage Cash Drawer Counter people typically work with cash registers, managing those cash drawers appropriately. This often includes opening and closing cash drawers at the beginning and end of their shift. Counter people also count the money customers give them to ensure accuracy.


Counter Person Skills and Qualifications

Successful counter people exhibit optimism and enthusiasm while working with a constant stream of customers. The face of the company, they should create a positive experience for customers. This position doesn't typically require formal education, but most employers prefer candidates to have a high school diploma. While experience helps, many employers hire candidates without any experience. Successful candidates should possess the following skills:
  • Customer service skills - counter people provide a high level of customer service to the customers who come into the store, including answering questions and helping when assistance is needed
  • Cashiering skills - operating a cash register is essential as counter people take, count, and track money
  • Memorization - counter people know the menu or the products they are selling; proficient counter people memorize product and menu information
  • Conflict management - when problems arise, counter people calm down irritated customers and help them with their problems
  • Interpersonal communication skills - counter people constantly interact with people from all walks of life

Counter Person Education and Training

There are no formal education requirements for counter people, aside from a high school diploma. However, a successful counter person candidate can expect to go through company-specific training that will teach them how to use the company's point of sale and cash register systems.

Counter Person Salary and Outlook

On average, counter people can expect to make a median wage of $10.28 per hour. Top earners earn upwards of $13.47 hour, while low earners may make as little as $8.28 per hour. Counter people can expect to receive some level of health benefits, but they may not be as comprehensive as salaried workers. Most counter people also receive minimal vacation and sick days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the counter person job will experience a 4.6 percent growth rate over the next ten years.

Helpful Resources

If you're looking to get hired as a counter person, you might find these resources helpful:

Customer Service Champions - This LinkedIn group has more than 150,000 customer service professionals from around the globe. In the group, members share resources and experiences that help everyone learn from practical experience. If you want to find like-minded customer service professionals, start here.

Be Our Guest - This book comes from the Disney Institute, a global leader in providing excellent customer service. It outlines the way Disney is able to create a magical experience for all its customers and helps you apply those lessons in your job. This is a great introduction to the world of customer service.

What Customers Crave: How to Create Relevant and Memorable Experiences at Every Touchpoint - This book examines the reason behind the change in customer expectations and outlines a variety of ways to keep up with these rising expectations. It was listed as one of True Influence's Top 25 B2B Must-Read books in 2017.

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