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Night Auditor Duties and Responsibilities

A night auditor’s duties vary based on the amount of business conducted in the hotel the day before, the number of late-night guest check-ins, and the number of phone calls and incidents that occur overnight. These core tasks, however, are common in most environments:

Manage Check-Ins Night auditors manage guest check-ins, processing paperwork and payment as needed.

Perform Nightly Accounting Night auditors process financial records from the day shift. They also create spreadsheets and other records showing all financial transactions to ensure balances are accurate. This includes auditing front desk cash registers, food and beverage areas, and other parts of the hotel. Any discrepancies between financial reports and cash register amounts must be logged.

Address Staff and Guest Requests Night auditors respond to all complaints and requests as needed to satisfy guest problems. In addition, they respond to radio calls from nighttime staff members and assist them with issues. They also answer and route phones calls as they come in.

Follow and Review Night Audit Checklist Night auditors complete and review all items on the night audit checklist, which is a log of all tasks that must be performed nightly.

Prepare for Breakfast Service Night auditors prepare the dining area for the upcoming morning breakfast service.

Perform Nightly Backup Night auditors perform backup procedures on the computer server to store all the day's data.

Balance Guest Transactions Night auditors analyze all guest charges incurred during the day and add these charges to guest bills.


Night Auditor Skills and Qualifications

Night auditors use analytical thinking to audit all transactions from the day's business and add charges to guest accounts. They also provide customer service to all hotel guests. Employers seek night auditors with the following skills:
  • Computer skills - night auditors use multiple software programs and digital cash register systems to perform nightly audits, which requires good computer skills
  • Physical fitness - night auditors need the physical ability to stand for long hours at a time
  • Communication skills - night auditors use strong verbal and written communication skills to greet guests, answer phones, and speak with staff members, and to write detailed nightly reports
  • Customer service - night auditors address all guest complaints and requests, and check-in guests who arrive at the hotel overnight, all tasks that require excellent customer service
  • Analytical thinking - night auditors use analytical skills to carefully analyze financial records and audit cash registers
  • Problem-solving skills - night auditors manage all problems and issues as they arise with guests and staff members, which requires a talent for problem-solving
  • Mathematics - night auditors calculate guest expenses, balance registers, and audit the day's accounts, all of which require excellent math skills

Night Auditor Education and Training

Most employers require night auditors to have a high school diploma or GED at minimum. Candidates who have an associate's degree in hospitality, business, or a similar field, or past work experience in the hospitality industry, stand out to employers above those with less education or experience. However, some employers do hire night auditors on an entry-level basis. Training is provided to night auditors, the length of which varies based on the employer and the amount of experience and education the trainee already possesses. While in training, night auditors work closely with a senior member of the management team to learn their nightly work tasks.

Night Auditor Salary and Outlook

According to PayScale, night auditors earn $10.77 in median hourly income. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data shows that bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks (including night auditors) earn $18.87 hourly and $39,240 annually. The BLS predicts this job field will experience little to no growth through 2026. The majority of employers do not provide benefits to night auditors, though basic healthcare coverage is sometimes offered. Full-time night auditors typically receive paid holidays and vacation leave, and some employers may provide discounts on hotel services and meals.

Helpful Resources

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