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Store Cashiers are employed by retail stores and spend most of their working hours at the cash counter. Usual duties listed on a Store Cashier resume include greeting customers, providing information about products, scanning item prices, operating cash registers, collecting payments, and counting money. Well-written resume samples for the job showcase assets such as good numeracy skills, customer service orientation, fast thinking, problem-solving skills, attention to details, and communication. Most Store Cashiers hold a high school or general education diploma and are provided on-the-job training.

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Part-time Store Cashier

Organized paper work, rental fees, registration, and membership in the data system

  • Demonstrated customer service by answering inquiries and offering assistance
  • Calculated sales at the end of each day
  • Opened/closed store and helped an average of 20 customers per day
Candidate Info
Business Administration

Store Cashier

Received payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, automatic debits

  • Issued receipts refunds credits, or change due to customer
  • Establish or identify prices of goods and tabulated bills using calculators or cash register
  • Conducted various in store duties including stocking shelves
  • Managed and maintained cash drawer to standards
Candidate Info
Administrative Assistance
Word Processing

Super Store Cashier

Provided excellent customer service and managed till throughout shift.

  • Cross-trained to provide Site-To-Store and Pick-Up-Today services to customers, as well as Layaway during the winter season.
  • Maintained a clean work area and clean store.
  • Assisted with carts outside and bottle room emptying.
Candidate Info
Video Game Programming And Design

Convenience Store Cashier / Customer Service / Assistant Manager

  • Accepted payments from customers on products and merchandise sales and registered on the point of sale equipment, whether cash or credit.
  • Served and worked with gas and petroleum product purchases of the customers.
  • Rendered services to customers by informing and giving directors to travelers.
  • Performed record and bookkeeping at the end of the shift.
  • Maintained a clean environment and obtained a customer friendly environment inside and outside the store.
  • Executed and performed inventory, stocking shelves, and monitor sales inventory.
  • Prepared and submitted daily sales and inventory report to General Manager.
Candidate Info

School Store Cashier

  • Performed daily inventory logs and completed transaction orders.
  • Sold school inspired items to students with management approval.
  • Processed orders for refreshments during school events.
  • Operated stage equipment including camera and lighting and sound for school programs manufacturing equipment fasteners, lubrications, motions systems drives and more.
  • Maintained reports for tickets sold and ticket availability .Conducted continuous daily inspection on stage equipment.
  • Maintained sanitation requirements while processing orders.
  • Processed receipts in reference to completed order
Candidate Info

Store Cashier

Load and Unload products.

  • Implemented training courses for new employees.
  • Responsible for opening and closing the store and cash registers.
  • Updated weekly employee schedules.
  • Maintain shipments of new merchandise coming in and out of the store.
Candidate Info
Computer Programing

Grocery Store Cashier

Scan items to be purchased. Receive payment from customers by cash, check, debit/credit cards, EBT and WIC. Assist with bagging of purchased items

  • Resolve customer complaints if required
  • Calculate money in cash drawers at the beginning and the ending of shifts to make sure that the amounts are accurate and that there is sufficient change
  • Greet customers
  • Maintain clean and arranged checkout areas of grocery store. Return items to appropriate location and organize stocked shelves
Candidate Info
Business Administration

Store Cashier/ Associate

Store cashier / handling cash register / credit-debit card- cash and all store transactions.

  • Stocks and straightens merchandise for sale in various areas.
  • Assist in managing and general store operations, including management and distribution
  • Work as a store cashier and store associates.
  • General customer services and customer satisfaction help.
  • Assisted in photo lab and pharmacy/cosmetic section operations and freight distribution.
Candidate Info
High School Diploma

Store Cashier

Handled finances within the store as Main Cashier.

  • Functioned with the Lottery and ticket distribution for customers.
  • Communicated with customers to insure accurate pricing and packaging.
  • Racked up the tally of the total gross income on the days worked.
  • Controlled the cash register throughout exchanges with services.
  • Experienced in WIC and EBT transactions.
Candidate Info
Law Studies

Front Store Cashier

Evaluate and report false identification or money

  • Ensured that every customer has a positive experience
  • Maintain accurate customer records
  • Stock shelves, receive merchandise, and monitor floor to prevent thief
  • Assisted in merchandise display, shelf maintenance, and store appearance
  • Photo department, money gram service
Candidate Info

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