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Behavioral Health Technicians provide support to healthcare professionals and work with patients dealing with behavioral problems. Issues these professionals address include mental instability, emotional abuse, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Essential job duties include implementing treatment plans, maintaining records, and ensuring a supportive environment for patients. Based on our collection of resume samples for Behavioral Health Technician, the most sought-after skills in the field are medical teamwork, empathy, bedside manners, and excellent interpersonal skills. Eligible resumes make display of an Associate’s Degree in mental health technology.

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Behavioral Health Technician

  • Provided quality recovery services by collaborating effectively with team of clinicians, nurses and technicians in order to best assist patients with various behavioral problems including, substance abuse, eating disorders, mental instability and/or physical and emotional abuse.
  • Participated in daily Treatment Team meetings with program manager, other BHT's, shift supervisors and psychiatrists to coordinate services.
  • Ensured patient's individual needs were consistently met by monitoring progress and providing appropriate solutions and support as needed ( making changes to IBP when necessary).
  • Observed and documented patient's behavior, reporting any changes in physical and mental states to medical staff.
  • Performed routine checks and vitals on patients to ensure the highest quality of health and safety was met at all times.
  • Assisted patients with activities of daily living and personal hygiene.
  • Skilled in data entry and use of various computer software programs to admit patients, update files and upload attachments in a timely manner.
  • Completed all billing documentation daily, ensuring all information was accurate before sending out.
Candidate Info

Behavioral Health Technician

  • Assisted in developing and implementing individualized treatment plans. Monitored and documented client progress in accordance with state and federal regulations.
  • Completed administrative tasks, facility maintenance and transported clients to/from appointments.
  • Participated in weekly treatment team and supervision meetings with clinician.
  • Identified and appropriately responded to clients in crisis.
  • Conducted breathalyzer/urinalysis tests as needed.
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Other Responsibilities

Behavioral Health Technician

Provided care to middle age adults with behavioral health issues

  • Answered phone calls, scheduled meetings, filled out company paper work every day, and attended ISP and doctors appointments
  • Conducted household duties, prepared all three meals of the day, dispensed medicine, and carried out objectives from all of our clients behavior treatment plan
  • Watch for signs and asses situations carefully so that your consumer is out of harm's way
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Health And Wellness
Government, And Honors Chemistry

Behavioral Health Technician (paid Internship - Part Time)

  • Provided mental and behavioral health monitoring, crisis intervention training, and supervision of clients in an adolescent residential substance abuse treatment facility.
  • Conducted psychoeducational group therapy sessions concerning topics such as life skills, mental health management, substance abuse education, emotion regulation, and motivational interviewing.
  • Documented consumer belongings upon arrival and departure, regularly updated client information charts, authorized and entrusted to distribute consumer medications and verify daily that medication logs were accurate.
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Behavioral Health Technician

  • Assists in providing a safe environment for patients who are currently experiencing any form of drug addiction as they undergo the detoxification process under the direction of the director of nursing
  • Provides support to patients in the admission and discharge process of the recovery center
  • Participates as a liaison between the patient and the nursing staff to report any changes in the patient’s physical or mental condition
  • Records and documents patient activities every fifteen minutes as directed by hospital policies and procedures
  • Analyzes patients’ fluid intake and output as directed by the nursing staff
Candidate Info
Public Health Policy

Lead Behavioral Health Technician

  • Documented intake information for new and repeat clients for entry into detox occupancy
  • Processed UA'S and vital statistic information of past and current drug usage history
  • Forwarded documentation of completed new intakes to Medical staff, and BMT
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Skill And Special Training

Behavioral Health Technician

  • Work with individuals or groups in appropriate active treatment and behavior management exercises to help promote better behavioral and mental health.
  • Act as liaison between resident and treatment team providing case management.
  • Treat patients, residents, and/or consumers using individual supportive counseling or psycho-educational interventions.
  • Interact with patients, residents, and/or consumers to build rapport or provide emotional support
  • Care for patients, residents, and/or consumers with mental illnesses.
  • Maintains individualized treatment plans for patients, residents, and/or consumers who outline treatment goals, objectives, interventions, and a time frame for completion
Candidate Info
Health Administration
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Behavioral Health Technician

  • Responsibilities include providing patient supervision in a structured, supportive residential environment, while communicating with and accessing the support of professional staff.
  • Transport clients to the gym, beach and shopping.
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient records, recognize crisis situations and provide appropriate intervention and help.
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Social Work

Behavioral Health Technician

Assist patients with mental disabilities to follow their prescribed diet by monitoring their eating habits, to reduce further complications from disease.

  • Assist patient in self-administration of medications
  • Guide patients to do grocery shopping, making sure they choose healthy food that meets their individual health needs for lifestyle improvement.
  • Follow-up with patients after meals to make sure they are satisfied with what meals they were served. Consults with manager to make meal improvements.
Candidate Info
Science And Dietetics

Behavioral Health Technician

  • Provides input to unit director of nursing supervisor regarding unit based PI measures based on concerns, high risk and high volume issues.
  • Provide general administrative and clerical support.
  • Participate in unit performance improvement activities by accurate data collection.
  • Effectively participate with treatment team and positively support patient plans for continuing care.
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Management And Computer Studies

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